Photo by Ryan Jerome, Grooming Brenda Ferrell @B Ready Beauty, Writing Alex Bonnet

Ohlala, I am so excited to share with you our time with Diarra Sylla on the set of her Vulkan Fever shoot! Truly a breath of fresh air, the artist produces songs that are a mix of pop, afrobeat and more…With a spirit like hers, there is no doubt that she finds herself rising quickly in the world of music as she remains dedicated, bright, and rockin a killer style! With a multicultural background, it’s safe to say that her perspective on the world is broad and just a warm embrace of love and awareness! On adore!

While performing, what would you say is your most dominant dance move/song?

When performing any of my songs, I fall in love with them all over again! I can’t name any particular song that is my most “dominant” yet, because I feel like all of them are! For my dance moves, my most dominant one is the “Diarra move” for sure. Haha I’ll teach you!

On a spiritual level, what do you feel you bring to the world? And what do you hope to gain from the world?

I feel that spirituality is different for many people. For me, I was born Muslim and so I believe in the power of Islam. But I also believe in the power of me (my soul, my light and my love) as I believe we were all created to create.

Describe your musical and fashion style in a few words.

I’m an undead gothic 2000s pop star sent from the past to change the future who loves Britney Spears as much as they love Nine Inch Nails. My style is a little goth, a little runway, and a lotta I don’t give a shit what’s cool or not.


How does your ethnical background help you with your music?

My ethnical background doesn’t support music. Even though music and fashion are huge in my home country, in Senegal, many believe it to be “against the good”, meaning it’s seen as a distraction for most. But for me, music is an art – music is my way to freedom.

What do you hope to accomplish in this lifetime?

Growing up, I didn’t get to experience a loving childhood. The traumas I experienced during that time of my life made me look at every single thing and every single person differently. Even though I didn’t receive much love back then, I want to turn my energy and pain into a love language and connect the world with it. It’s possible to live in a loving world free of hate, and I feel that’s my mission.