The Pirelli calendar, a tradition of the tire company since 1964, continues into 2020 with a tried and true concept. “Looking For Juliet” is the title of this year’s calendar, shot by Paolo Roversi. His retelling of the ancient tale brings together a cast of diverse performers and models of various races and sexual orientation. Roversi curated a cast of 8 characters who he believes to best embody Juliet’s outstanding qualtities: strength, femininity, and tenderness. He wasn’t searching for the typical definition of “beautiful girl,” but for girls that are their own character. Juliet has stood the test of time for being the girl who fought for her beliefs. The international cast of the shoot exemplify these attributes.

The modern day Juliet exists inside of every woman today, Roversi believes. Emma Watson’s Juliet is campaigning for gender equality. Indya Moore’s Juliet is being the first transgender model to walk for a major fashion house. The other leading ladies are Claire Foy, Rosalia, Kristen Stewart, Yara Shahidi, Chris Lee, Mia Goth and Stella Roversi. Roversi captures the Juliet within each of these powerful women in stunning monochromatic shots decorated with medieval dress and all. The 2020 calendar also comes with a film, also shot by Roversi. The short film is a screen test from each of the stars as they read for the part of Juliet. Roversi believes that the themes of the Shakespearean classic are still extremely relevant today, and you can see them come through in his 2020 Pirelli Calendar.

By Sonja Grunfeld

Photo Credit: Pirelli 2020 Calendar by Paolo Roversi