1. You seem like such a confident person. Were you always this way? Is there anything that you do in times of insecurities to help boost your confidence?

Well I was def. shy in high school growing up, silly but shy. I think when i moved to New York and gained my confidence. I became a people person and I knew how to get people to like me. Its the hustle in New York that made my like that. And some things that help me stay confident and motivated are having few amazing friends that believe in me no matter what, having my goals written out and pasted on my fridge that I see everyday, and when I have an amazing audition for a role and I don’t get it that motivates me to go even harder for the next one.

2. Now that you are a star, do you find dating difficult? What has changed from before to now?

Well dating is always difficult in New York haha, everyone seems to be busy with something. But now it hasn’t changed too much, other than I get asked all kinds of questions on social media lol.

3. What has working with Lee Daniels been like? What about Queen Latifah?

Man I could write a book on how amazing that opportunity was. Lee is amazing and I thank him for this opportunity and he knows what he wants and will def pick up the phone and tell you want he wants which is great. Queen is still amazing still down to earth, speaks to every and anyone on set. She is just like an angel to work with very giving as an actor and person on and off set.

4. You are fairly new to acting and started off with a bang as far as what you have booked, how does that feel?

Well truthfully its an amazing feeling and I’m very fortunate, but its also scary because now I have to put out work on future projects that is even better. So I always have to outdo myself and never stay stagnant. So growth in my acting is what Im focused on now for my next role so I’m ready.

5. What is some advice you would give to other actors beginning their careers in America today?

I wil say study study study, take classes learn as much as you can. You don’t need a degree in acting to be a good actor. No one can teach you how to be emotional you either got it or you don’t. You have to learn how to be honest and thats very hard for actors sometimes, even me. The key is to get good before you get famous. You want to be ready when that phone rings.

6. What are your goals for the future?

Well future goals as of now are, winning that leading role Academy Award, then buying a vacation home in Capetown, South Africa because I love it there. Then making enough money to have my bills paid, help my family out and giving money back in someway.

7. What projects do you have coming out that we can look forward to?

I have two short films that I did with an amazing director Daniel McCabe coming out. One of them stars me and fellow actor Joseph Sikora and he can be seen playing Tommy on Power. He is a beast of an actor and its a really awesome futuristic, dystopian ScyFy movie.

8. We know that you are a photographer, how do you balance that and acting?

Its tough sometimes, but I try to do my photography on the weekend when I’m usually free. And I have amazing friends that love to assist me when I shoot my big editorials and things. But when I’m studying for a role or shooting a show or movie I stop everything to focus on that.

9. Is there a dream acting job or actor you want to work with?

Well any acting job I get is a dream job , you have to think of it that way. And Of couse I love Denzel and Sidney Poitier, but I def would love to share the screen with Denzel.

10. What else do you love to do in your spare time if you are not acting or taking pictures as a photographer?

Well my two hobbies I would say now are I love love watching scary movies like even the really bad or really gory ones. Its like my little dark fantasy I literally make all my friends watch them with me haha. And I also have a thing for recreational softball leagues in New York, I played on about 4 teams this spring and I loved it.

Photographer: Mark Veltman
Actor: Justin Mcmanus @justinmarcelmcmanus
Wardrobe Stylist: Mike Stallings @mikestallingny