Genre-blending Kingston dancehall artist Projexxreturns to Warner Records today with the dreamy “Bigga League.” The track finds rising Jamaican singer and local rap hero Bakersteez singing breezy bars about their rise, a feeling echoed in a stylish video shot in Jamaica’s National Stadium, the country’s biggest sporting venue. Listen HERE and watch the video HERE.
“Bigga League,” like a lot of Projexx’s best singles, finds the dancehall auteur pulling from different sounds. His cool vocals are backed by both the lush electronics of dancehall and trap’s rim-rattling basslines with a hint of R&B’s dewy emotion. It’s an appropriately boundary-pushing, anthemic sound for a song celebrating the artists’ come-up, meant to inspire others around the world to follow “bigga dreams.” For Projexx, that’s what the track is all about: motivation.
“On ‘Bigga League’ we are displaying our lifestyle and our mindset hoping that people will be motivated by it,” he says. “We’re telling the youths of today’s society to go for it with all you got and aim for the top.”
The video, shot in Jamaica’s National Stadium, is a celebration of what it looks like when you actually reach the top. The National Stadium is the home not only to the biggest sporting events, but it’s where Jamaica’s most prestigious public events are held including the annual Grand Gala independence day celebration and more. It’s also where Bob Marley performed his iconic One Love Peace Concert. The video is a testament to these artists’ bravado to step up into the “Bigga League,” and do so in one of the country’s most iconic locales with the power and freedom that comes from following your dreams.
“Bigga League” continues Projexx’s recent hot streak. This new single follows his debut Warner single “Sidepiece,” his collaboration with Ape Drums and Silent Addy on the party-starting “Mek Money,” and his winning feature on “True Love,” a stand-out from WizKid’s Made in Lagos. Each new single shows off the deep appreciation of dancehall that’s in his DNA, and the love for trap and Afrobeats that ensures he’s making some of Jamaica’s most future-facing music. “Bigga League” is another step up for the rising artist, and if he keeps it up “Grammy Kid” will soon be more than just a hometown nickname for Projexx.