In a time where it feels as though we are bombarded by negative news stories and tragedies, an artist promoting positivity and happiness is something we need desperately.  Out of the New York art scene comes South Carolina-native Tripp Derrick Barnes, a talented art-explorer experimenting with different mediums in order to embrace and bring awareness to the good that exists in the world.  As someone who has experienced plenty of tumult in his life due to various medical conditions and near death experiences, Barnes’ positive perspective bleeds into every piece he creates, whether it be creating a mural, participating in live painting events, or by partaking in virtual reality.

Each vibrant piece Barnes creates exudes color and his unique “PopNeoist” style; what’s more, his pieces are often interactive, as he encourages his audience to “just have fun.” Some of his most popular pieces include his career bolstering portraits of the Good Morning America hosts, 16ft wide interactive puzzle mural at the SYFY Lounge at Comic Con, and his portraits of Matthew Mcconaughey and Andy Cohen.  Furthering his dedication to spreading positivity, Barnes has partnered with charitable causes including the Philharmonic Society of Orange County, the Special Olympics, Just Keep Livin Foundation, Art Start, and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  He has raised over $30,000 for these foundations through the sale and auction of his pieces. Through these actions and his experimental artistic expression, Barnes’s engaging and interactive mission to spread positivity and happiness to his audience is certainly a success.

By Sam Spotswood