Grungy Gentleman has collaborated with the NBA on t-shirts and shorts featuring the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, NY Knicks, BK Nets, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers.

“My vision for our NBA guy is rocking a luxury matching set paired with a vintage watch + clean trainers.” stated designer Jace Lipstein. He also said, “shorts come down to fit, fabric and comfort. I obsessed over these three characteristics to create a pair of NBA shorts that customers will wear forever.” says Jace Lipstein




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About Grungy Gentleman:

Grungy Gentleman is a New York-based men’s lifestyle brand that seamlessly combines design, digital media and commerce with the services of a creative agency. Our company is driven to create an innovative culture where fashion, sports and entertainment converge, promoting the expression of individuality to both high fashion and urban cultures through our product lines, website and e-store.

Who is the Grungy Gentleman? He is a collector, a gentleman, a rebel spirit and a man who stands apart. He is building a style collection with thoughtful details and masculine simplicity. He is bold, brilliant, has fierce taste, pours life into his passion and is one who takes risks. This is the Grungy Gentleman.