After her most recent hit “Messy Love,” which received huge praise from key tastemakers such as Complex, Revolt and more, Nao announces her highly anticipated third studio album And Then Life Was Beautiful is set to be released September 24th via Sony Music UK/RCA Records – pre-order the album HERE.

This album is a follow-up to her critically acclaimed, Mercury Prize and Grammy-nominated album Saturn. Nao also gifted fans today with the release of her forthcoming album’s title track and a performance video – click here to watch.

While her previous project propelled the singer-songwriter into a new stratosphere with its cosmic, coming-of-age themes, the songstress is now entering a brand new chapter with And Then Life Was Beautiful where Saturn untangled the knots of late twenties soul-searching, And Then Life Was Beautiful goes a step further by setting out a clarified sense of purpose. Now a mother of a young daughter, Nao is more confident in herself and her voice than ever. A pandemic album, written and recorded throughout never-ending lockdowns, the project celebrates life’s ups and downs, reaching out a hand to guide listeners through what hurdles may confront them next. It includes previously released tracks Antidode,” featuring Nigerian superstar Adekunle Gold, Woman,” featuring Lianne La Havas, which she recorded with her new-born daughter strapped lovingly to her chest, as well as “Messy Love,” a stunning offering loaded with strummed guitar grooves and drum rhythms rooted in 90s R&B. For the former she recently revealed a mesmerising Lisette Donkersloot-directed music video, boasting a radiant spectrum of stunning highly saturated and otherworldly colours. The visuals see Nao surrounded by eccentric dancers who hold onto her as she is ready for a new cycle of life – watch here.

Other notable stand-out tracks include “Wait,” a stripped-back track which takes an intimate look at how you make mistakes to develop a relationship, and “Postcards,” highlighting a gorgeous vocal interplay of Nao and serpentwithfeet, who features alongside her on the track. For “Good Luck,” R&B crooner Lucky Dayejumped on board.

Nao explains: “Life isn’t perfect; we still go through ups and downs, but it can be beautiful as a whole. I do think it’s a hopeful album, in an honest way – it’s not shiny or all ‘isn’t this great!’ and ‘party party party.’ But it’s hopeful in that through every rough patch, every dark patch or struggle we always come out again. That’s what life is. You keep going. But most of all you try and step into a place of gratitude so that you can see life in all of its beauty.”

And Then Life Was Beautiful Track List:

  1. And Then Life Was Beautiful
  2. Messy Love
  3. Glad That You’re Gone
  4. Antidote (feat. Adekunle Gold)
  5. Burn Out
  6. Wait
  7. Good Luck (feat. Lucky Daye)
  8. Nothing’s For Sure
  9. Woman (feat. Lianne La Havas)
  10. Better Friend
  11. Postcards (feat. serpentwithfeet)
  12. Little Giants
  13. Amazing Grace

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