Montenegrin designer, Marta Miljanic, is taking over the fashion industry with her very edgy and leather-themed pieces. They have been worn by a variety of talent such as Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, Jeffree Star, to name a few. Born a creative, get to know the talented designer in our exclusive interview with her!

Share with us the story of how and why you became a fashion designer.

I have always been creative and I had a desire to be an artist. I always knew that I wanted to be an artist. In high school, I defined myself and worked steadily to fulfill my dream. Over time I realized that what attracted me the most was costume and that was the best way I could express myself. I have always experimented with many things and in many fields, but I knew that I had to completely expose myself and show it publicly. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and graduated in fashion design. As soon as I graduated I released my first collection for which I received the ELLE Fashion Award.

How was your vision for your brand evolved over the years?

I decided not to follow the trends seasonally but to create my own path and to make what I create unique in the sense that when you see it it associates you with me. There is a story behind my work and all collections. I also focused my work on unique pieces, not mass production.I would describe my work as raw, brutal, provocative, sexy, but with a tendency to be elegant, gentle and beautiful. Always on the edge between with scenic and ready to wear. I often looked for inspiration in many places and I decided to follow the path that is close to my sensibility, so you can see the elements of fetish culture, erotica, rock music etc.I was looking for inspiration also in music and musicians I love, in photography, architecture,movies…

And after three years of working with silk, I changed my direction and started working with leather. I’ve always wanted to work with leather actually. Also, there is beauty, darkness, and fascination for some objects and bondage. There is intimacy and beauty in it.

I think that I have matured from collection to collection as an artist and that through my research work I have learned a lot not only about my work but also about myself. When you work, you have to be very honest with yourself and you have to have the same approach to work, because people can feel that very easily. My vision has always been to succeed in my business and for my work to reach as many people as possible and to be featured in all big fashion magazines and collaborate with celebrities. But I never let ambition swallow me to the point that it would jeopardize my creativity.

Is there a particular type of individual you create these pieces for? Explain.

I think my models can be worn by people with an attitude. It’s all in the attitude and the power of transformation. It’s also a matter of creativity and how much someone is willing to experiment.
In what ways does your brand reflect who you are as an individual? I am what I create. Simple as that.

Do you feel as though your International background gives you a different perspective on fashion? How, so?

I am an artist so that means that I am a world citizen. Art and creativity speak all world languages ​​and there are no borders. To be an artist means to be free. When you create, you actually communicate without a single spoken word. I see fashion as art, not through brands and trends.
Tell us more about your collections and what they mean to you. My collections are a part of me and every time I do a collection I feel like I’m sharing a part of myself with the world. Creativity and the process of creation mean the most to me.

Lil Nas X

Define “beauty.”

My desire was to challenge people and myself too to think about perfection and beauty and the definition of both. I think that beauty lies in imperfection.

Growing up, what was your relationship to fashion?

In fact, as a child, I always wanted to be a musician and play guitar and piano, but it turned out that I didn’t have any talent for that. On the other hand, I have always had a great need and passion for creativity. I grew up with musicians of the 70s and 80s such as Madonna, David Bowie, Prince, Queen etc. and I always admired their courage to experiment and their bold and original style. Also, punk, rock, and metal music had a strong influence on me and later on my creativity as a designer. I think that because of music I became what I am today and without music, I could not create.
Favorite part of being part of different fashion weeks and fashion events? My favourite part is in backstage. There you can see all the madness and energy flowing. There is a kind of sincerity and tension in the backstage that the audience cannot experience and see. It’s a small universe that looks like a show where magic happens.

What do you hope for your brand in the next few years?

I can’t be sure about what the future will bring to me. I hope I will be able to expand my business beyond my country and Europe.I would like to achieve many more collaborations with other artists and to work with other designers and for my work to be recognized one day globally. I would like to try myself as a costume designer in a movie.