The French brand Molly Bracken has become a must-have in the fashion world internationally.

Molly Bracken’s story goes beyond borders and time : from the Irish countryside in the 1920s, where the Sidonio family discovered sépia pictures of a young woman. These became a true source of inspiration for the two fashion passionates.

Molly, this authentic Irish, feminin, strong woman is but Julian Sidonio’s grandmother.

The creators of the brand, Julian and Catherine want to transmit this heritage and unique story through their collections by mixing bohemian, retro-chic, femininity, softness, sequins and lace.

Although Irish inspired, the brand Molly Cracken was entirely created in France.

The materials, cuts and retro details are mixed with French elegance and style.

Molly Bracken was created in 2008. A brand dedicated to today’s women, with revisited untimely pieces.

Subsequently Mini Molly is created in 2011 – collection for little girls.

Next comes Lili Sidonio X Molly Bracken in 2016. The effigy and designer of this urban / rock accented collection for teenagers is but their younger daughter Lili.

In 2017, Gabrielle- big size, glamour, feminine and trendy – sees the light.

Created in 2008, the French brand Molly Bracken is now recognized internationally.

Today Molly Bracken is present in over 5000 points of sale across the world : in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Latin America and United Arab Emirates.


Anne Diagne | Fashion PR

The success story of French native Anne Diagne began nearly 10 years ago in Paris, where her work quickly expanded globally, with work adventures taking her to NYC, London and Los Angeles. Known for her eccentric personality and business savvy, Anne has made a name for herself as a communication expert in the world of fashion.

Anne’s very successful career started at the biggest French advertising agencies Publicis and Havas and evolved rapidly when she joined The Kooples as the Global PR Manager. Known for her professionalism and quality of contacts, Anne Diagne is a force in the world of international brand development. She works directly with the biggest magazines, celebrities and influencers. Anne has organized many communication events and is always looking for new communication techniques in this new digital wave.

Little by little Anne has made a name for herself and has now even taken her French touch to California, where she develops many overseas French Brands. She works with everyone from the Kardashians, to music grounds like the Chainsmokers to only the most well-known influencers. Anne is a key player in the Los Angeles fashion PR scene.

She is likewise focused on consulting for specific brands to develop their business internationally using tailored strategies. “It’s my true passion to interact directly with creative people and to give them the tools they need to succeed.” Anne is regularly invited to speak at conferences on marketing and communication where exchanges her ideas and new strategies with brand CEOs. A previous contributor for various publications, she frequently shares her insights in the field of communication and marketing applied to fashion. A universe, that according to Anne, is constantly evolving and offers unlimited opportunities for expansion.

Anne likes to work with micro influencers, young designers and inspiring creatives. Surrounded by a gang of entrepreneurs and women that sources of her personal inspiration, you can most likely find her in Paris at the Hoxton Hotel between meetings, or at the Café Stella in Silverlake, Los Angeles.