Skin Authority is helping give back to beauty and salon professionals who are out of work while giving you the ability to enjoy a virtual spa day with friends through their new Camp Skin Authority home adventure.

This unique beauty boot camp features five different health and beauty activities to keep your spirits up and your skin bright whether it’s just you at home in the mirror or over Zoom, FaceTime, or whatever group chat you love with friends.

Each activity has 3 interactive components to broaden our sense of community: something to Do, Learn, and Share, alongside the chance to earn free gifts and merit badges.

The 5 options to pamper yourself, think ahead for Mother’s Day or to coordinate with friends for a virtual spa day include:
1.  Rescue Me – This 7 Minute Makeover Mask brings out brighter, smoother, clearer skin and is great for teens and adults!
2.  Bath Time – This de-stressing package comes with everything but the rubber ducky, including an invigorating Well-Being Bath & Shower Retreat wash and hydrating Shimmering Champagne Bath Bomb.
3.  Screen Time Savior – All this extra time spent in front of a screen can wreak havoc on your skin. Protect it from the aging rays of blue light and infrared using their Instant Perfection Peel Pads and SkinSuit Face and Lip protection.
4.  Fake a Vacay – Get that island glow without leaving the house using this Illuminating Body Peel Cream and VitaD fortified Sunless Tanner.
5.  Couples Retreat – Make date nights spent indoors a blast with this 7 Minute Makeover Mask, aromatic Bamboo Ginseng Scrub, and luxuriant Oil Nutrient-perfect for a relaxing massage.

Skin Authority is offering Camp Skin Authority packs at 30% off and free shipping with a percentage of the sales going to support the nearest retailer in your zip code that sells Skin Authority products!

Buy just one Camp Skin Authority product pack or get all five and #SupportLocal!