The Glamhive Virtual Style Summit will take place on May 9.

With the coronavirus grounding red carpets and premieres, top stylists to Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Brie Larson, Katy Perry and many more are offering tips and career advice online as part of the Glamhive Virtual Style Summit on May 9.

The event will happen over the course of a day and will feature 10 panels with 50-plus speakers, including Johnny Wujek (Katy Perry) and Jessica Paster (Emily Blunt) in discussion with designers Cynthia Rowley and Christian Cowan about how to make your styling approach stand out; tips for styling men from Ilaria Urbinati (Donald Glover) and Jeanne Yang (Jason Momoa); a masterclass in set etiquette, how to work with demanding clients, build your portfolio and more from Jen Rade (Angelina Jolie); tips on bridal and special events dressing from Micaela Erlanger (Lupita Nyong’o); how to style masks on the red carpet with Joseph Cassell (Taylor Swift), and more.

It is stylist, Tara Swennen, who has worked with Stewart, Allison Janney and Matthew McConaughey who came up with this genius idea. As she quoted for an article in WWD,  “I was watching my stylist friends at a standstill and my showroom friends lose half their business, and I realized we had to come together as a community and pull ourselves up by our boot straps,” said Swennen. “This is a way to get together and be creative…there are stylists and designers scared they will not survive…they want to hear about the trickle-down effects.”

Hosted by Glamhive, an online styling platform launched in 2017 by Stephanie Sprangers, it is truyl going to be an event of the decade!

“Our first event in real life, which we had in L.A., had 250 attendees, so I’m hopeful this will be a success. We have a strong list of stylists and it’s great content,” said Sprangers, who believes there is life for Glamhive after COVID-19. “I have always believed in democratizing personal styling, the same way it’s been done with blowouts and personal training. With online, there’s no reason for a stylist to be confined to their zip code…And if there is a recession, you could argue there is more reason to work with a stylist to make smart choices,” she said, adding that on Instagram, 7 million users identify as stylists, whether they be personal shoppers, wardrobe consultants or celebrity dressing experts.

Tickets to the conference are $99, and less for a single panel; each stylist gets a cut of ticket sales and as a whole, Glamhive will donate 25 percent to hunger relief organization Feeding America.

Hollywood has taken a hit like the rest of the country due to coronavirus and  celebrity stylists have been suffering during it.

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