Healy Releases Music Video For “Everything’s Fine” Today

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Track From Sophomore Album Tungsten TodayListen Here

About Healy:

Performing under only his last name, Healy embodies cardinal themes of his work like self-discovery and non-dualism. He released his debut album Subluxe in 2017 in the wake of his second year of medical school.  The album has nearly 60 million audio streams.  The lead single, “Unwind,” caught the internet on its heels, helping to establish Healy’s fixed presence as a promising multidimensional artist in a mercurial musical climate. His work is a fearless transgression—a tonal gradient with origins in classic and indie rock, soul, and Memphis rap.  The second single, “Reckless” has nearly 50 million streams on Spotify.

Tungsten Track Listing

01 Tungsten

02 Everything’s Fine

03 Deep Cuts

04 Nikes On

05 Dead Sprint

06 Second Wind

07 Cannonball feat. Jcksn Ave.

08 Molly

09 Back on the Fence feat. Becky and the Birds

10 Immune

11 Back in Time feat. Public Library Commute

12 Part of Me

13 Mirages

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