Gucci announces today that it has become the first major Italian luxury house to receive Certification for gender parity in Italy, as outlined in the Italian government’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)[i]. Coinciding with the 2022 Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report, released today on, the certification was awarded to Gucci by independent global inspection and compliance experts Bureau Veritas which evaluated six key indicators: culture and strategy; governance; human resources processes; opportunities for women’s growth and inclusion; gender pay equity; support for parenting and work-life balance.

During its evaluation, Bureau Veritas highlighted the establishment of Gucci’s Global Equity Board and the Gender Equality Steering Committee as being significant contributors to their consideration process. Gucci’s comprehensive parental-leave policies, welfare services, and hybrid work model were also praised, as was its commitment to addressing gender-related issues and unconscious biases while promoting professional growth.

“This achievement, reached ahead of European trends and as the first in the luxury industry in Italy, strongly reaffirms our commitment to a culture that values equity, inclusivity, and respect,” commented Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci. “Through concrete actions such as adopting innovative technologies to reduce bias in the selection process, closing the gender pay gap, implementing parental leave policies, fostering greater female representation in leadership roles, and public awareness campaigns such as Gucci CHIME – our global campaign for gender equality – we support change and promote cultural transformation in the luxury and fashion industry worldwide, and we will continue to do so.”

“Gucci’s journey towards gender equality is an ongoing commitment rooted in respect,” concluded Bizzarri. “The same respect we have for our planet and wholeheartedly embrace in our business, as highlighted in the Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report that we are unveiling today.”

The House’s ongoing commitment to drive positive change for people and the planet is also outlined in the newly published 2022 Gucci Equilibrium Impact report, available today on To effectively communicate the report’s findings to a wider audience, the House is also unveiling on its social media platforms a video series featuring partners, NGO representatives and artisans discussing some of the key areas that are highlighted in the report. The list includes founder and CEO of accessibility consultancy Tilting the Lens, Sinéad Burke, who discusses disability inclusion; Global Executive Director of Equality Now, Mona Sinha, who focuses on gender equality; Gabriela Bordabehere, farmer under the NATIVA™ Regen program, who looks at regenerative agriculture; and the team at Gucci ArtLab Firenze conducting a deep dive into how the House is working to preserve craft for the future.