With all of us feeling perhaps a bit more sleep deprived now than ever before, restorative sleep is top of mind. Get ready to experience a better night’s sleep with Nodpod®, the weighted blanket for your eyes!

Nodpod® is a comfortable hug for your head and works perfectly in any position. With more benefits than a sleep mask and the qualities of a weighted blanket, NodpodⓇ harnesses the power of Deep Touch Pressure with it’s innovative, strap-free design. NodpodⓇ applies gentle pressure to help relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep restful sleep.

Know someone who needs the gift of a better sleep? NodpodⓇ makes an amazing Father’s Day, graduation or self-care gift for anyone in need of better rest. NodpodⓇ is also amazing for travel and road trips.

Nodpod Highlights

  • Microbead pods – Four weighted pods with scent-free, machine washable microbeads
  • Scallop edges – Contours to your face for total light-blocking comfort.
  • Dual comfort – One side contains cooling jersey cotton, other side warm microfiber.
  • Hollow ends – Head resting comfort in any sleeping position.
  • No elastic or velcro – Lay freely over your eyes or secure with the pull-through slit.
  • Gift ready – Available in a wide variety of colors, the nodpod makes a perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Nodpod Is Freezer-Friendly For Hot Sleepers
For a refreshing bedtime experience this summer, place your NodpodⓇ in the fridge or freezer. Even super-chilled, the icy pod stays soft and flexible.

Sleep Comfortably In Any Position Anywhere
For power nappers, night tossers and travelers, NodpodⓇ is the functional sleep accessory that meets your needs. For those who suffer from migraines, its gentle pressure can provide much needed relief. Sleep on your back, your side, or upright, it’s the product that’s got you covered.