Defense attorney David Rudolph, who came to the spotlight after being featured in the documentary “The Staircase,” will be launching a true-crime podcast titled “Abuse of Power” with his wife, Sonya Pfeiffer.

Each episode of the podcast will cover a case of injustice where a wrongful conviction was the outcome. Rudolph and Pfeiffer have dedicated their lives and careers to undoing the wrongs brought to defendants by an unfair judicial system.

Rudolph came to national attention for defending novelist Michael Peterson who was convicted of the murder of his wife. The trial and its outcome became the basis for the French documentary “The Staircase,” which was given a second installment by Netflix.

“Abuse of Power” will be produced by Campfire, which currently has the Zodiac documentary “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” coming to FX and Hulu, and which also produced “The Innocent Man” for Netflix.

“As attorneys who utilize the power of storytelling in the courtroom, we also rely on its function as a catalyst for change outside the courtroom,” Rudolph and Pfeiffer said in a statement. “Our goal is that “Abuse of Power” will build compassion and awareness, educating and motivating listeners through a diverse collection of stories we can all identify with. The sooner we stop ‘othering’ and start understanding, the sooner we’ll find solutions to the systemic problems within our criminal justice system.”

By Michael Jacobo

Photo: Shutterstock