As we get closer to 2021, the Parisian Sneaker brand, Aime-Moi, has launched its new and yearly collection “20!20.” Having found its niche in limited edition, one time a year releases, Aime-Moi embodies true authenticity, style, and class! Also unisex, it is the perfect brand for EVERYONE!

This latest collection is a triple vision and reading of Cyber Punk & post-apocalyptic universes about urban jungle. References are diverse, such as the Blade Runner Saga Movies, for darkness of some elements such as the dark colorway of the 20!20 Crepuscule or the ballistic cover-laces to tame urban jungle; but also an inspiration for colors of ribbons at the back of the sneaker.

“Time to take on 2021…post-apocalyptic style”

Also inspired by post-apocalyptic movies or books like “Planet Of Apes”, “I am Legend” or “The Road”, where jungle or nature take over again & take back their rights is also a reference, and had an influence in my work on the 20!20 Plantation, with its Bush & Olive colors.

“Designed & conceptualized for sneaker lovers & other sneakerheads, our brand represents a Parisian sneaker way of life around few keywords: Playful, audacious & boldness, light, unique, unisex & limited, tame the urban jungle.”-Founder, Kevin

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