Where the Wind Blows

Photographer: Vivian Arthur @vivianarthurphoto
Models: Ellie Ottaway @eottaway, Julia Willetts @juliawilletts and Barbara Mascia @barbimascia
Stylist: Pangea Kali Virga @pangeakalivirga
Hair/Makeup: Lennie Billy @makeupbylennie and Natasha Katrina @makeupbynkc

2 thoughts on “Where the Wind Blows”

  1. Pangea says:

    I am the stylist for this editorial and am wondering why the designer clothing credits were not included on your site. The designers were kind enough to lend us these things for the shoot in exchange for the credit they would be given.
    You can reach me at the email included for the credits document if you do not already have it.
    Best Regards,

    1. Alek says:

      The credits are included in the site all you need to go is hoover over the photo or click on it to see the credits on your computer, great job !

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