Filmmakers Rob Herring and Ryan Wirick of Earth Conscious Films have collaborated with actress and activist Rosario Dawson to create the documentary, The Need to GROW, a film that will deeply challenge any remaining sense of apathy surrounding soil health and the need to address current systems of farming and food production. The Need to GROW will stand as a necessary text in our current age of the Anthropocene. As we move through a period of environmental ruin at the hands of humans, many are searching for a next step, a way to affect change and help heal the planet, this film will help guide its audience’s steps in a very real way. 

Herring has committed his efforts to activism for several years with great success. He previously headlined Germany’s Rock for Nature concert, providing his musical talents as a means to raise funds for environmental causes. Herring also co-directed the award-winning film, Nothing in Los Angeles, which follows a young artist falling in and out of love with the city of Los Angeles. More recently, Herring produced the film, The Relationtrip, which was presented at South by Southwest in 2017. 

The Need to GROW  was filmed over four years, helmed by Herring and Wirick. The film is character-driven and focuses on the very real, human stories of activists and innovators working to preserve the world’s soil. At the heart of the story are an 8 year old girl who challenges the ethics of a well-regarded organization, a steadfast farmer who fiercely protects his land while pushing to revolutionize resource conscious agriculture, and finally an accomplished, creative inventor who meets immense obstacles while developing a piece of monumental technology.

The film will be released digitally on October 10th and be available to stream for free from October 10th through the 15th. Having already garnered several awards for Best Documentary, The Need to GROW  promises to offer its audiences a message that cannot be overlooked. It’s a rare opportunity to watch entirely free and you can sign up right now at the website!

By Ayanna Harrison