Red Carpet and Jewelry

The Parisian has brought some of European’s best brands to the states. We were curious to know what Anne Diagne has learned these past years in Los Angeles, and how she is now handling PR for jewelry brands during the award season.

She’s been recognized in her industry in France for the development of the global brand The Kooples, and the last 5 years in Los Angeles with a lot of European brands. Today, she is happy to introduce a brand she has been following for the past years and wanted to develop in the US market: Imagin Jewlery.

Can you tell us more about the new brand you are bringing in the US?

I am very proud of this new client because I have been talking with them the past year since the pandemic happened. This is a great opportunity for the brand to be in the US market and build a strong image through celebrities and influencers.
They are from Belgium, and they have an amazing identity and several stores overseas. It’s about bringing you everyday luxury at a fair price. They work with high-quality, enduring materials. Precious metals set with natural gemstones and sustainable diamonds. They inspire to create jewelry that represents a statement of our personality: elegant & timeless pieces that were inspired by traditional fine jewelry but for the conscious woman. 

During this special time, how the award season can still be profitable for a new brand?

The pandemic had forced us to think out of the box and being flexible about our services and strategy. I really do think that if you have a strong image, strong product, and build with strong values your brand can survive and make the difference.

The award season will be different this year with some adjustments. Virtual, different locations but the glamourous will be here and this is how we must work for now. The show must go on!

Everybody is excited when there is a new brand in town. There are so many other great brands, but it’s still nice for stylists, celebrities, and influencers to discover something new.

The team and I are already working on a strategy of the award season. It’s a new challenge but it’s exciting too.

What’s the strategy for introducing a new jewelry brand?

Red carpet it’s only one of the different angle when we have to work on the strategy of the brand. This is an amazing opportunity and beautiful because of the whole outfit, and the prestige of the awards shows. But you have to think bigger picture, even when we talk about diamonds.

Magazines are still important, so we will work on the editorial aspect and tell the story behind the brand but also communicate about the products themselves. Celebrities have so many other events, and appearances and they support new designers. This is fantastic. And of course the digital angle. I can’t reveal the entire strategy but it will be very exciting for everybody and a lot of surprises I am sure. 

Do you think Los Angeles is still important for brands? Even if the red carpet is going to be virtual?

Again, the red carpet is only one channel of the entire strategy. Los Angeles is very focused on the celebrity market, and there are so many ways to work with them. I would say that the United States is an amazing market, and I am very proud to be able to bring new designers here such as Imagin Jewels, and all my other clients. Over the years I learned so much, as a foreigner, but bringing the French touch in the way I think, I work, and my expertise in fashion on this market. I know the wording, and what Americans like or not. This is such a great challenge, and European tastes are so different than the American one. That’s why when I believe in a brand, and I will never give up.

Also, I think the advantage of Los Angeles is the global impact. We are not only focusing on what’s happening in LA, but an American celebrity is – in general- well known everywhere.

By Alexandra Bonnet