We’re excited to share Celebrity Manicurist, Brittney Boyce, used Smith & Cult to createthe two-toned and textured nail looks for Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox for the highly anticipated eighth annual iHeart Music Awards last night. Brittney was inspired by the “Alternative Rock Song of the Year” nominee, Machine Gun Kelly’s past wardrobe looks, to create his extra long nails, which were outfitted with piercings, chains & spiked studs. While Barbie nails were the inspiration for Megan’s manicure. 
How to Get the Looks: 
Machine Gun Kelly’s Manicure
Snake Skin Nail:
  • Apply two coats of Smith & Cult Plastic Beach ($18) then add mesh to the nail to create texture
  • Next, add Smith & Cult Bang the Dream ($18) on top for artwork
  • Let the nail dry for a couple minutes and then remove the mesh and let the polish dry
  • Once the nail is completely dry, add nail piercings and chains – no topcoat needed
Half Black/Pink Nail:
  • Apply Smith & Cult Plastic Beach to half of the nail and Smith & Cult Bang the Dream to the other half
  • Next, use Smith & Cult Top Coat ($18) and let the nail dry 
  • Finally, add spiked studs with nail glue 
Black Chain Nail: 
  • Apply Smith & Cult Bang the Dream to the entire nail, add Top Coat and let the nail fully dry
  • Use nail glue to adhere the wrapped around chain
Pink Spiked Nail: 
  • Apply Smith & Cult Plastic Beach to entire nail, add Top Coatand let dry
  • Then, add spiked studs with nail glue 
Silver Nail: 
  • Place silver foil and mesh on a clear nail and seal with Top Coat

Megan Fox’s Manicure 
Barbie-Inspired Nails: 

Images by Getty