“Not one more” is a slogan that we associate with the numerous strikes that have taken place over the past years in Poland in relation to the restriction of women’s rights. The collection with this meaningful title is the designer’s objection, expressed in the language of fashion, to the social problems currently faced by women in our country.

In a meaningful yet non-obvious way, I want to address through artivism the expectations that society places on women – stepping into the role of a model wife and mother. Feeling helpless in the face of stricter anti-abortion laws in Poland, I decided to express my feelings in the most natural way for me – by designing, because fashion can also be a form of socially engaged art.

The materials used in the collection are largely the post-production waste of a major lingerie brand. They were collected by the designer for more than two years in order to achieve the appropriate color gradation that is visible in the scenic transparent bodysuit with oversized sleeves, the hand-trimmed sensual lingerie and the ethereal dress, which consists of countless hand-sewn lace fragments. The use of the aforementioned materials in the collection is an appeal to deliberate fashion and an attempt to address the problem of massive overproduction facing the fashion industry. Circulating and radically reducing the purchase of new materials is not just a trend, but a key aspect of design in the current global situation.The collection “Not one more” was created thanks to receiving a Cultural Scholarship from the City of Gdansk, where the designer has been living and creating for the past four years.

Photographer Emilia Pasoń @emilia_pason
Model Zuzanna Voelkner @zuzanna_voelkner
Makeup Hair Marta Długołęcka @dlugolecka.mua
Fashion Designer Ewa Bednarska @ewa.bednarska