Beautiful, talented, and humble, Noa Kirel inspires those around her to feel empowered and tap into their true self. Her Vulkan shoot is out of this world and reflects just how badass she is! Recently, she released “Bad Little Thing (Acoustic),” a song/video you won’t want to miss. Check out more and enjoy!

Absolutely love the performance video for “Bad Little Thing (Acoustic)! Share with us what this song means to you.

Thank you!! I loved shooting this acoustic performance live with a great group of talented musicians.

BLT for me is a song about empowerment, about owning who you are with no apologies, especially now it’s important to me to have this voice and to encourage others to be (good) Bad Little Things .

Did performing this new acoustic version change the meaning behind it at all?

For me it didn’t change the meaning, but many people are telling me that they got the message differently now that this version is out and they were able to listen to the lyrics and connect to it more. That’s the beauty with releasing different versions, remixes, live performances, and adding a different approach to the same song,

What gets you “hyped up” when creating new music? 

The energy in the room when co-writing, the personal connection to the song when it’s an outside song.

As an artist you can go in either direction when it comes to music. What musical path do you prefer and wish to keep on? Why? 

My main genre is definitely pop but I’m experimenting with different kinds of pop and I bring my roots, influences and my story to it, so sometimes it’s bubbly and sometimes it’s dark. We evolve as people all the time and so does the music.

While filming the official video for “Bad Little Thing”, was there a particular moment that stood out to you?

The claw machine was insane! It was a human sized claw machine and only after shooting, I understood how painful it was! Also the pink water scene. I love this scene and how it turned out (but the water was FREEZING!)

How are you feeling about performing at the 70th annual MISS UNIVERSE competition? Anything special lined up?

I mean… How can I possibly explain my excitement??? To open up this huge competition with a female empowerment song is beyond exciting. I’m planning many surprises in this special performance. Can’t wait!!! Speaking about beauty, what does beauty mean to you?

CONFIDENCE of all size & color. Beauty is everywhere.

In what ways do you push boundaries and think outside of the box (both in your music and personal life)? 

I want to surprise myself and experience new things all the time. In music, it’s with crazy productions and music videos .. to do something different every time.

In my personal life

I’m pushing myself to work out more. I always danced but in the past year I’ve been working out every single day and I can say I’m addicted to the feeling. I feel stronger and healthier than ever.

Who are some artists you look up to and why? 

Beyonce is the definition of a strong talented woman that can do it all. She can sing, dance, write, produce, act, operate multiple businesses all while being a MOM and wife. All together.

Highlights of your teenage years? Hardships?

I started my career at 13 so I grew up with cameras and media around me. I can’t say it was a hardship because I have felt blessed to be able to achieve dreams and goals since I was a teen. However, I guess I’ll never know how it feels to be a regular teenage girl.

What kind of New Year plans do you have in store?

I’ll be performing on New Years Eve…and I wish to do this every year 🙂

I wish for 2022 to be a great covid-less year, to expand my audience, to achieve more goals and dreams and to stay happy and healthy.




Talent Noa Kirel

Photographer David Ardill

Art Director Kylie Govinchuck

Photo Assistant Alicia Berardelli

Fashion Branden Ruiz

Fashion assistant Landon Rivera

Hair Ricky Mota

Make up Marla Vazquez

Studio space Paperwork

Interview Alexandra Bonnet