Faouzia: A Musical Guiding Light 

Moroccan-born and Canada-raised, young artist and pop superstar, Faouzia, was drawn to music from the very start. “Music played one of the biggest roles in my life. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t playing music or singing,” opened up the beautiful and talented artist. “My family are big music fans so they have always been supporting me at every moment.” A kind of support that goes unmatched in a world where some want to see you make it and others wish to see you fail.

Luckily Faouzia does not have to worry about this as she is surrounded by a great group of individuals whether it be her friends or family. Very passionate and chill,  she loves to spend quality time with them and as well as “ be creative and  explore new hobbies.”  And of course, let’s not forget her favorite pastime: laughing at anything funny she can her eyes on. It’s safe to say…we can all use a good laugh from time to time.

Soaking in all the love and positivity around her, there is nothing better than this to fuel her songwriting process and inspire her lyrics and melody. Recently, she released PUPPET, a song she wrote in hopes of empowering women. “I feel like women are held up to unrealistic expectations to be perfect at all times;” she opened up candidly, “and I also feel like they are constantly being told who they need to be and what they need to do.”  PUPPET is a guiding light to remind women to never dim their own for anyone out there. And especially not for those who wish to simplu tear you down because they don’t feel secure enough with themselves!

How refreshing is it to hear such lyrics as being a woman today still has its downfalls. Between what society, our inner circle and social norms deem “worthy” and what we feel about ourselves, it can feel as though we are screaming in a room filled with people but no one seems to hear us. When we listen to songs such as this one, it fuels our emotions and allows us to truly feel certain things whether they are “bad or good.” As Faouzia explained, “I hope my fans feel any type of emotion and that  it can get others through tough times and be there for them in times of need.” And that is exactly what she does!

It’s beautiful to see so many different outlets (music, film, art…) serve a greater purpose than just entertainment. After all, art is a form of expression and allows connections to be made between different people! We may all go through different things but to a certain extent, many of us can relate to one another. And music is a great way to do so. For the young artist, fashion is also an important part of her life which carries similar benefits as music does.

“I love fashion so much and just like music, it’s a way to express yourself,” opened up Faouzia. “You can tell so much about a person by the way they emote through their clothing. I get so excited planning out looks for videos and for shoots and want to tell a story through my clothing as well as my music.” And this passion for fashion does not go unrecognized! Recently, the artist partook in the BULGARI and CHANEL shows where she witnessed some of the newest and most fashion-forward pieces up close and personal.

Kicking off her first major Fashion Week event ever with the BULGARI show, Faouzia was mesmerized by the beauty of the necklaces and purses presented. The refined and classy look of the brand is enough to make you want to strut down the runway yourself!  Following this, she would attend the Chanel show which “was a crazy experience because for one, it was in Dubai, and two, it was such an amazing event,” she shared with a bright smile as she looked back on it.

Faouzia is truly a musical guiding light. Whether it be in her lyrics or in her fashion style, she finds ways to express who she is in the hopes of touching others’ hearts. Never reacting to negative comments, she focuses on the positive around her as she continues to walk the path of her destiny. Working on her first album ever, you can expect a lot from Faouzia in the year 2022…and we can’t wait!


Talent FAOUZIA @faouzia
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