Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Grooming by Terra Rose Puncerelli @The Wall Group Writing by Perana Srikantappa @prerana_srikantappa

If you’re a fan of EDM look no further, Nghtmre, has got you covered. The DJ has come a long way since his debut at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, EDC Vegas. Currently on tour after releasing his first album, Nghtmre has us convinced that DRMVRSE should be a part of all our playlist. Don’t forget to catch the next show near you !

Can you tell our readers the story behind DRMVRSE ?

I’ve been playing and writing music almost my entire life and have never released a full album. I focused on writing music that I felt really represented my style and that I loved, all while giving it a theme, backstory, and setting for the music videos and events to exist in. This is what the “DRMVRSE” essentially is… the album chronologically creates a story that also comes to life in the live show experience..

What goes behind the process of creating some of your best hits ?

In my early producing days, before I had access to great vocalists, I was good at digging for samples and finding old vocal gems to rework. Some of my first hits were with disco vocal Acapellas or interesting loops. I often begin writing with an Acapella vocal or a vocal sample. I’ll spend time trying a few different chord progressions or ideas to see what fits best before settling on my favorite. From there I don’t have as much method to my madness. I follow the creative inspiration and see where it takes me. Sometimes it sounds terrible, other times it sounds great on the first try!

You are on a tour right now, what is the most exciting part about being on the road ?

There are a few things I love about being on tour, but one of the best is being able to test out new music on the audience. It’s always fun premiering things and hearing reactions for the first time. Meeting fans at the shows who have been inspired or impacted by my music is always amazing as well…. Apart from the music side of things, I’m a HUGE foodie. You’ll catch me scheduling some restaurant reservations wayyy far in advance to make sure I have time to hit the best spots in each city!

Tell us about any three destinations you’re looking forward to visiting.

I have played in about 35 countries so far but still plenty on my list! I have still never made it to Dubai for a show. I think I’d love to visit at least once to perform. Colombia would be amazing, and lastly South Africa is one I’m dying to visit!

Who is your favorite artist to collaborate with?

I collaborate very well with my close friends SLANDER. We met at music school in LA when I first moved there and we instantly became friends. In the beginning they helped teach me how to DJ/perform and I helped teach them music production. Our first EP together really helped us both make a name for ourselves, and we more recently started a record label together called GUD VIBRATIONS.

Would you ever rock an all pink outfit ?

Hell yea!