Tell us more about your dreams.

This dream has always been out there for me. Creativity has no beginning nor the end: either it exists or it does not. I live over two continents in Europe and Russia. I love France, the people; my heart and soul are there. However, I also love Russia, a country with its great culture and centuries-old traditions.

Define perfection to us.

There is no limit to perfection. I believe that every person should set goals and go towards them, even when it is difficult. You will encounter many obstacles; however, you should keep going non-stop, and thinking about every step ahead of you. This is the only way to succeed.

Do you feel like you are very drawn to creativity?

I feel like I have to try everything. Any piece of creativity, if it is real, has no borders around it. How can you know your abilities if you do not go beyond those abilities? We must strive to be heard and understood. This is serious work, and it is worth it!

What makes someone interesting?

I would change the idea of taking abnormal decisions in your life. It could be a specific look, or the way you are showing it. A person should have different personalities as an individual, and only then he will be interesting to people.

How do you best get to know who someone is?

I love to observe emotions, people’s behaviour, the expression of the eyes, facial expressions, even a simple smile can tell everything about a person. I always learn to understand people in this way. After all, there are things you cannot always express, but eyes can tell everything

Thoughts on life decisions?

Life is difficult to understand. I do not try to change events that cannot be changed. I stick with one personality, and then the choice that you make becomes your own choice, making you not guilty for your actions and your soul shall remain clean.

What is most important to you?

Every person, and I am no exception, strives for perfection, for benefits, for well-being, but what is important for me is comfort with my myself and with my mind.

What are you proud of?

I am proud of many things in life: one of them are worthy people who are part of my environment and my favourite business, which brings joy and happiness. I believe in the kindness of hearts and I hope that the feedback will be equal.


Photography Julia Tyagushova @juliatyagushova
Model Anna Botvinova De Bekkar @annadebekkar
Styling + Fashion Designer Olga Trubikhova @olga_trubikhova.brand
Makeup Anna Kuzmina @darzere
Accessory Designer Tatiana Sukhodoeva @tatiana_sukhodoeva