Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair by Terra Rose Puncerelli @The Wall Group Make up by Nicole Walmsley @The Wall Group  Writing by Perana Srikantappa @prerana_srikantappa

She is a writer, actress, activist and the list continues. The celebrated actress is quite unstoppable with cult-classic hits like the After Party, Good Girls Revolt, Top Five and This Is Us. After being named one of the best casting discoveries of the year in 2014, The Handmaid’s Tale’s very own Mrs Wheeler talks about why she is passionate about women’s rights and her current tv obsessions.

Tell us about the most challenging part of playing your character in Handmaid’s Tale ?

The commute! The set of the wheeler’s house was nearly two hours outside of downtown Toronto where I was living.

What was your favorite TV show growing up ?

Absolutely Fabulous. I grew up in London and Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley were the foundation to my sense of humor. To this day, no one can match up to them.

You are very vocal about women’s rights, what advice would you give to young girls who want to work in the industry ?

Do whatever it takes to fall truly in love with yourself so you don’t rely on this career to love you. Do this job because you love the craft not because you love Love. The former will sustain you forever, the latter will sustain you for about five minutes.

If you could play any role on a current tv show, who would you want to play ?

Elena on Billy on the Street.

Name three pink items you cannot live without.

My dog’s tongue, my own heart, Los Angeles sunsets in August.

If you have to dress someone in pink who will it be and why?

I would dress Mitch McConnell in pink and require him to run a 10k for breast cancer awareness sponsored by every sitting senator. I think that would be a good use of his body.