Lisa Yakovina – a fashion model with nearly 10 years of experience. During this time, she has traveled to numerous countries, worked with many renowned brands, and has been featured in over 50 magazines, including Vogue. Currently based in Los Angeles, Lisa has established a loyal client base and continues to develop her career as a model, collaborating with well-known brands and constantly expanding her portfolio with creative shoots. However, at the beginning of her journey, Lisa could not have imagined that her life would be filled with such remarkable events. She grew up in a small town where little was known about the fashion world. Nevertheless, Lisa had always been interested in art and photography, and she conveyed her vision of the world and its beauty through social media. One day, she did her first photoshoot for herself (with her friend as the photographer), not expecting anything from it, but simply enjoying the process. She posted the photos on her social media page, and a few days later, a model scout contacted her and offered to collaborate. Initially, her family was skeptical about it, but eventually, they supported Lisa in this endeavor. It all began with building her modeling portfolio. Photoshoots took place every day, and sometimes even multiple shoots in a day.

At this stage, Lisa encountered the most talented and influential people in the fashion industry. When her portfolio was ready, she signed a contract with a top agency in Europe – Women Management, and thus began her thrilling journey into the world of fashion, with its ups and downs.

A modeling career opens up great opportunities, including the chance to travel the world, meet fascinating and influential people in the fashion and art industries, earn good money, and ultimately support one’s family. However, there is another side to it, which also affected Lisa. Models often face immense pressure regarding their appearance and measurements. Being at a young age without understanding how to maintain a healthy body weight in a healthy way, many girls struggle with eating disorders. Nevertheless, in Lisa’s opinion, there are far more advantages in a modeling career since it improves stamina, responsibility, independence, and helps build a stronger personality.
The main source of inspiration for her is art, particularly film and music. Many ideas for creative projects have been inspired by characters or images from movies. Once, after watching Tarkovsky’s film “Stalker,” Lisa was deeply impressed by the colors and landscapes in the film, so she wanted to capture a similar mood in a photo. To create a more mystical look, she even bleached my eyebrows. The photographer enthusiastically supported her idea, and they ventured into a rainy and foggy day in a mountain location.

The Presence of an individual style is also very important for a model. Lisa prefers a more classic style in clothing, but to add uniqueness, she always chooses unconventional accessories and footwear. The brand that most accurately expresses her style is The Row – subdued tones and sleek silhouettes that remain relevant season after season.

Model Close Up on Elizaveta Iakovina @lisa_yakovina
Photography Leyla Stefani @leyla.stefani
Makeup Freddy Castro @ydderfc