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From being a media personality with his own radio show, to thriving in PR and marketing under the brand “Ur- ban Fierce Group”, only two words can describe David Duane: Unapologetic Blonde. “Unapologetic Blonde”, the same name of his “debut & final” album covers topics anyone can relate to: self- love, depression, anxiety, highs & lows, and love relationships. If you need some new tracks to add your spotify list, make sure to check out his latest album which also brings in the efforts of multi-plati- num / 2x Grammy Award winning song- writer & producer Rio Bridges, emerg- ing R&B songstress Gabrielle Lynn and platinum selling artists & production duo Chris N Teeb.

When did you realize your passion for not just talking about music and entertainment, but also participating in making music?

Honestly ever since I was a child, I knew that I had a desire to be an over- all entertainer. Now what I didn’t know was that I would also have a passion for entrepreneurship. But ultimately as an entertainer you should want to be an entire household name with other brands & businesses.

Urban Fierce group was founded in 2011, how has the journey been from starting a company to running a successful business?

It’s honestly been a blessing from God, and I had an idea that founding my com- pany would be my way into the music & entertainment industry and give me the opportunity to help other talented in- dividuals bring their brands to the next level.

hat inspired/drove you to want to start your own PR and management company?

You have interviewed a lot of big names in the industry, is there a favorite interview? While I was in high school, I worked with a few artists running street team & on- line promotion teams which intrigued me to want to learn more about marketing and public relations because I knew for myself, I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to help other talent bring aware- ness and publicize whatever projects that they have on another level, with their own brand uniqueness.

Who would you say is your dream interviewee, or even who would be your dream interviewer for yourself?

Dream interviewee, not too sure but I would love to interview Keke Palmer, Gabrielle Union, Yandy Smith, & Big Time Rush (I’ve already interviewed Kendall). But with “On Air With David Duane”, I’m actually interested in cover- ing sports soon & would love to interview some athletes such as Odell Beckham Jr and Ben Simmons.

I imagine it can be overwhelming man- aging so many different things at once in your career, but what is your way to take a pause, relax, and kind of regroup after a long day?

During the weekend, I keep to myself & prepare for the upcoming week by relaxing as much as possible.

How long have you been working on the creation of Unapologetic Blonde?

“Unapologetic Blonde” has been in the making for 12 years so now to finally have my debut album feels amazing, and I took my time to experience more. You mention in your post about the re- lease of Unapologetic Blonde that you have fought for this album your entire ca- reer working for other artists behind the scene and putting others first. But now you’re taking control of your own destiny and putting yourself first. What knowl- edge from your career as a publicist is being carried into your experience as a musician now?

I would say patience and no expectation, and that’s because with anything you do with life you should know that things take time and high expectations should never set. Only set goals and back it up with a timeline.

How long have you wanted and dreamed about this moment, and where would you say this dream started?

As I mentioned, as a child I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer so to see my dreams & more become a reality is incredible.

What artists inspire you? Who would you say are your biggest muses?

Michael Jackson & Prince

What have been the biggest takeaways from your experience working in the industry, any advice for young people just starting out?

Never giving up and believing in myself has been the biggest takeaway from my experience working in the industry, and I encourage all the dreamers to push for- ward with their dreams and shine through.