Exclusive Photoshoot for Vulkan Magazine

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, where innovation meets imagination, there exists a brand that has redefined the boundaries of creativity. Cybele Bertin, a visionary fashion house renowned for its celebrity custom designs and cutting-edge digital fashion, presents their latest collection named “Toile.” In an exclusive collaboration with Vulkan magazine, Cybele Bertin takes us on a mesmerizing journey into a realm where technology merges seamlessly with high fashion, resulting in a visual spectacle that pushes the limits of what we perceive as real.

Cybele Bertin has long been associated with bespoke creations for celebrities, elevating red carpet moments and exclusive events with their unique designs. However, the brand’s ingenuity extends beyond physical garments. They have embraced the digital realm, leveraging technology to create extraordinary fashion experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional design.

The “Toile” collection by Cybele Bertin challenges conventional notions of fashion by seamlessly blending physical and digital elements. Inspired by the concept of “toile de Jouy,” a classic pattern often found on fabrics, the collection showcases intricate motifs and imaginative designs that come to life through the artistry of digital fashion.

The collaboration brings together an ensemble of creative minds to showcase the harmonious fusion of fashion, technology, and art.

With the “Toile” collection, Cybele Bertin not only presents a stunning visual feast but also challenges the fashion industry to embrace the possibilities offered by digital fashion. By pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally deemed possible, the brand inspires a new era of creativity and self-expression within the fashion world.

While the Toile Collection may be digitally created, the attention to detail and craftsmanship behind each piece is unwavering. Cybele Bertin’s designers meticulously sculpt and refine the digital garments, ensuring that every fold, every seam, and every texture is flawlessly rendered. Through their digital artistry, the brand brings the same level of dedication and precision found in traditional fashion design.

What sets the toile collection apart is its exclusive made-to-order approach. Unlike traditional fashion production, where mass-produced items dominate the market, Cybele Bertin has chosen to embrace a more intimate and personalized approach. Each garment in the collection is tailored to the individual customer’s specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and an unparalleled level of exclusivity.

In addition to its artistic innovation, Cybele Bertin’s Toile Collection also emphasizes sustainability and accessibility. The use of digital fashion technology allows Cybele Bertin to create virtual prototypes and renders of each design, enabling customers to visualize the final product before it is even made. This innovative process not only reduces material waste but also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional manufacturing methods. By eliminating the need for excessive inventory and production, Cybele Bertin is championing a sustainable approach to fashion.

Cybele Bertin’s toile collection serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. By fusing digital fashion techniques with made-to-order production, they have created a collection that not only embodies innovation but also reflects their dedication to sustainability and individuality.

Photography Creative Direction St├ęphane Marquet @alekandsteph

Fashion Cybele Bertin @cybelebertin