Straight from the historic Third-Ward of Houston, OMB Bloodbath is creating her own lane. Drawing inspiration from her Houston roots and making it her own, Bloodbath is a star.  In this interview, get to know one of the latest 10:22 PM/LVRN artist with an inside look into her unique sound. Do not sleep on her new project Blood Sample, available everywhere now, to get a taste of what is coming!

Undoubtedly, you bring the Houston sound to your music, but what other cities or artists do you draw inspiration from?

I can’t say I draw inspiration from other cities or anything. I feel like I got my own sound. Even the sound from Houston, I don’t even sound like I’m from Houston. However, I feel like other cities have nice sounds. I like the Memphis sound, a real classic blues vibe. Florida has a bop to them, and Detroit has its own wave going. New York as well. Everyone has a bop to them. I feel like I just sound like Bloodbath.

You worked and filmed a video with another Houston local, Maxo Kream, how was that? Did you learn anything from collaborating with him?

I feel like you always learn things working with different artists. Maxo Kream is a real, genuine dude. This collaboration was around my early stages; when I wasn’t even signed yet. It was my early stages of traveling, and he brought me into the studio and we recorded all night until the sun came up. It’s the same work ethic I have, but to see it on a larger scale and in a professional studio was motivating. A lot of things we did together were motivating. To see somebody from the same place you started from doing it big, that is motivation.

Can you speak on OMB? What does Only My Brothers mean to you?

Only My Brothers means exactly what it says; it’s just me and my bros.

Why did you choose to sign with LVRN? How did you know this was the right decision?

You just get the vibe, of course, and I always say this…you see a lot of artists who sign, and then in six months you see them online saying they regretted it or saying “the label was holding me back”. You gotta have your business straight before you sign, that’s what entertainment lawyers are for. A contract is an agreement, so I don’t know why people sign when they don’t agree. But as far as them [LVRN], their vibe is good. They’re good people, they work well, and they have good marketing and branding ethic.

With your EP Bloodbath recently releasing, can you give more insight on the meaning of this project?

It’s a sample of Blood. It’s just a taste of what I have to offer until the bigger stuff drop.

When making a song, do you prefer to write your lyrics down? Or do you prefer to feel it out inside the booth? Take us step by step in this process.

Well, I hear the beat, I hum to it, and make a melody to it. A song is like a puzzle in my mind. It’s like I can hear what I want to say. I’ll hum but won’t say any words but then I’ll just fill in the words with the melody. 

Who do you write your songs for? What do you want people to take away from your music?

I always say I want my songs to be like a dinosaur fossil, people find it years and years from now and just find and understand my story. I feel like your music is not like a message but a book, like the Bible. It’s been written over a million times so by the time it got to us, we might not have everything right with it, but with the music, it’s my voice, so years from now people will be able to really know what’s going on.

I’ve heard a few songs where you sing rather than rap, and you have a very nice voice! Do you have any plans to create more tracks like these?

Thank you, I’m flattered. I like singing, it puts me in a different vibe. Rapping is fun, but singing, I enjoy it more. When I’m done, I listen like, “damn that’s really me?” Singing is the real challenge. Rap is the easiest sh*t in the world. All you are doing is rhyming words. Singing, you gotta do all types of cadences and melodies — it’s fun challenging myself. I’ll be dropping a lot more singing stuff.

You’ve already headlined stages at festivals such as SXSW and Trae Day, are you looking forward to going back on the road and performing?

I’m ready as soon as they let me.

What can fans expect from OMB Bloodbath? Are you already working on the next project?

I have been already working, I have over 300 unreleased songs, I work in my sleep. But every day is a new milestone and a new challenge.


Talent OMB Bloodbath @ombbloodbath

Photography Cary Fagan @caryfagan

Interview Nathaniel Roberts @nathanieljroberts