For the first time in London’s esteemed Fashion Week’s history, both mens and womenswear will be featured at the same time.

Due to the pandemic that has currently forced so many companies and events to cancel and or shut down, the British Fashion Council hopes that by combining both platforms, it can still celebrate the creative and innovative efforts from the many designers that the event attracts yearly.

Set to start this June 12, not only will it be the city’s first combined Fashion Week, but it will also be the first digital only one as well. This is largely due to the United Kingdom’s social gathering restrictions that limit public gatherings to just two people. Although the pandemic may require more flexibility as far as planning and production, it has naturally allowed for a monumental first in the fashion world.

By providing a unique online experience, viewers will be able to read personal designer diaries, attend webinars, participate in digital showrooms, and also view and listen to select interviews and podcasts.

Don’t miss the start of London’s historic Fashion Week starting June 12!

Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger