What is elrow’art? Watch HERE 

This traveling immersive art experience first sold out in Ibiza, and is making its way to Miami and New York this year. Street artist Okuda San Miguel and DJ/producer Paco Osuna have put together a vision that crosses avant garde art with electronic music in an interactive “Garden of Earthly Delights.” In a collaboration they call elrow’art, audiences will explore the personal world of an artist turned into a party. Brought to you by fashion brand Desigual, party suppliers elrow, and art collective Ink and Movement, the creatives bring you a unique party experience you won’t catch anywhere else.

The theme of the first elrow’art event is Kaos Garden, a reinterpretation of Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights. San Miguel and Osuna will take you on a trip through paradise and hell, based on the scenes in the historic art. The night at Kaos Garden will start in hell and eventually reach an ecstasy of fun and joy. You’ll experience the first morning lights in a mystical custom built structure overlooking the Miami skyline at Island Gardens. The elrow team is excited to host the event at Art Basel, “the perfect destination for art lovers and music fans to experience this unique multi sensory experience.”

Okuda San Miguel wants to “bring art enthusiasts to a party where they can experience my universe from an unusual perspective.” His signature multicolored geometric shapes and patterns that have made his street art so famous will be on display throughout the night. He will recreate the surreal, multi sensory scene of Eden in which the audience will choose their own destiny, navigating through flying ships, colorful skulls, unicorns, and dancing sirens. To accompany elrow’art’s beautifully decorated structure, Paco Osuna will be guiding the night through carefully selected music marking the journey from hell to Eden. “For me, chaos is the freedom to choose your own path and have fun while doing it,” explains the innovative street artist. Experience chaos for yourself in the unique experience of elrow’art’s Kaos Garden starting December 6th in Miami.

By Sonja Grunfeld