Bright Eyes was that “weird” indie band from the early 2000s that your sister probably loved, or that you even pretended not to love. They had the perfect tunes (“First Day of My Life” is a great example) the silliest music videos (“At the Bottom of Everything” is a top 5 favorite of mine), and of course they also had the melodic, perhaps “emo” songs (“Lover I Don’t Have to Love” is not, despite the music video, not a great karaoke song). 

Other than their albums being remastered and reissued in 2016, Bright Eyes hasn’t released any new material since 2011’s “The People’s Key.” Although the band never officially broke up, fans remained hopeful that new music was imminent, and indeed it was. 

Earlier this week, Bright Eyes launched an official Instagram account, with a single post: a GIF of animated humans falling up and down over a black screen. What does it mean? A new track, perhaps a whole new album? The account only has this post up — and also 17.9K followers already — and the band hasn’t yet given any statement that could elaborate the weird, yet very Bright Eyes post that the band posted. 

Whatever fans are graced with in 2020, rest assured it will be a treat if it’s Bright Eyes.