Balmain Hair Couture will be expanding their Homme hair care category with their Homme Hair Perfume, launching February 1, 2022. Going for $140, it combines the invigorating citrus freshness of Bergamot with the woodu aspect of dry Sandalwood. Infused with Silk Protein and Argan Exilir to nourish, repair, and protect the hair, providing care and a long-lasting scent.


This signature fragrance for men combines the invigorating citrus freshness of Bergamot, along with the woody aspect of dry Sandalwood. The perfume is infused with Silk Protein and Argan Elixir to nourish, repair and protect the hair, providing care and a long lasting scent.


The Homme Hair Perfume is suitable for all hair types and is packaged in an exquisite, heavy-glass bottle with a masculine aroma that leaves behind an irresistible trail of the woody aspects of sandalwood.

Oooolalala!!! We can’t wait!


As part of the Balmain Paris fashion label, Balmain Hair Couture has over 45 years of heritage in combining hair essentials with the latest catwalk trends. Rooting from high-fashion glamour, Balmain Hair Couture developed its efficacy in the realm of luxury. The brand offers a carefully curated selection of products including hair care, hair fragrance, accessories, extensions, styling and tools. Balmain Hair Couture collections are inspired by backstage secrets and mirror all a woman needs to create the ultimate catwalk-inspired look. All collections consist of a small but complete line of only best-selling products.


Strengthen the personality and identity of the Balmain Woman by completing Balmain’s total look with professional hair products, which strengthen the feeling of luxury.


As world’s only hair fashion label, having the authority in hair couture for session stylists, salon professionals and customers, by offering a total mono brand concept.


Balmain Hair Couture encompasses values known to bring the brand to the forefront of high-fashion hair looks:

Progressive… we are always ahead of the curve

Inclusive… we drive creativity by celebrating diversity

Experienced… our adventures are fueled by our heritage

Craftsmanship… we work with professionals, for professionals

Fundamental… our straightforward products form the core of our brand experience

Exclusive… we create special moments of personal luxury

Timeless… lasting, durable and iconic

Vibrant… energetic, dynamic and powerful