The civic-oriented, social-engagement project “Vogue the Vote” – was conceptualized by celebrity wardrobe stylist Melissa Lynn. As a concerned citizen for the troubling current political climate, Stylist Melissa Lynn wants to motivate people to vote, yet, knowing she didn’t want her voice to be added to the ever growing void of polarizing political online rage, she decided she could “stay in her lane” and use the lens of fashion as a jumping off point. She decided to collect some of her favorite local/emerging and designer brands to outfit clients in hopes it too might inspire others to get ready and vote: aka STRIKE A POSE, COME ON VOTE! The effort is helping to support the brands taking a stand and the people getting involved for this years’ election.
Arguably, this election may very well be the most important, yet divided, election in this nation’s history – Stylist Melissa Lynn chose the color purple – a combination of Red +  Blue mixed together to represent coming together as different citizens of the same country who all want change. Acknowledging that one size does not fit all, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, but you at least need to DO IT: your voice isn’t heard unless your vote is counted. JUST VOTE… and make it fashion. After all, it’s in vogue to be a voter.
@voguethevote #voguethevote

The call to action is to:

1. Make a Plan to Vote on Nov 3.
2. Get ready! Style your fav election day ook together +  snap a photo of your look #strikeapose at the polls!
3. Post it to your socials and let everyone know you’ve voted!


Paul James, lead actor (The Path, The Last Ship, Greek etc) of Netflix’s SOUNDTRACK and a music enthusiast has been vocal this election and put together a “PLAYLIST for the POLLS” motivated by the pandemic and the political climate to keep voters entertained while waiting in line #Nov3!!

Talent: @pauljames_6
‘JAMZ to VOTE to’ Playlist: Avail to download directly via this Spotify Link 
Wardrobe: @stylistmelissalynn
Photographer: @richmarchewka
Grooming: @TatiyanaElias
Styling Credits

Spotted Jacket, Heathered Sweater w Light blue Pant look(s)- Victor Li @victorli & Comme De Garçon/Converse Collab sneaker
Burgundy/Navy Turtleneck& Sweater + Sneaker look: David Hart @davidhartnyc + Moncler @moncler
Jeans w button up and Sweater w/ sneaker
@apc jeans, neighborhood_official button down, @ralphlauren sweater and @goldengoose sneaker