Midnight Glimmer

Photographer: Adam Mayer @adamdmayer
Female Model: Jaelynn Hinton @jaelynndanette with Ford Models @fordmodels
Stylist: Theresa DeMaria @styledbytld
Makeup Artist/Hair: Tonya Noland @tonyasbeautybox
Retoucher: Julia Gorbacheva @julia.retouch

4 thoughts on “Midnight Glimmer”

  1. This is my favorite shoot by far , amazing modeling, artistry from every single person. BEAUTIFUL. SIMPLY. Creative & exotic. So aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Kandeller says:

    Wowww she looks AMAZING!!!! Her poses on point!

  3. Aubrey says:

    I love all of these pictures, the model is very talented and they all look very professional. She’s so beatiful and the I love the angels close ups and different makeup and wigs to change things up throughout the shoot. She is by far one of my favorite models to look through pictures of! Absolutely stunning!

  4. Gisèle Loya says:

    Wow! Jaelynn never ceases to amaze me with her skills 👏🏾 I can’t believe how much of a natural she is at modeling! All of her shots end up on point, and she slays in every shoot. It’s a wonder she isn’t on more covers, but I still can’t wait to see her make her way to the top, she deserves it ❤️

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