“Where Boundaries Melt, Style Reigns Supreme: Welcome to Glosshaven”

Photography Concept and Creative Direction by St├ęphane Marquet @alekandsteph Fashion imagined by Cybele Bertin @cybelebertin

“Welcome to Glosshaven” is a captivating series set in the sun-drenched desert city of the Vulkan State of Mind, where the fashion choice of the day is none other than latex. From sleek latex suits that exude power to glamorous latex gowns that embody sensuality, the residents of Glosshaven confidently embrace this unconventional style. As the series unfolds, we want to immerse you in a world of high-stakes drama, extravagant parties, and secret affairs, all intertwined with the vibrant and provocative latex fashion culture. “Welcome to Glosshaven” invites audiences to explore the mystique of this desert oasis, where the boundaries of fashion and desire are pushed to exhilarating new heights.

Stay tuned for part 2 …