Taylor Rose is a fashion designer, who is passionate about sustainability. The mind behind XIVI is always concerned about comfort and relatable fashion in her craft. At the same time, she is committed to promoting ethical practices and minimizing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Get to know more about Taylor in her insightful conversation with VULKAN.

How would you describe XIVI and the ideal customer for your brand?

XIVI’s ideal customer is interested in having a luxury lifestyle as well as caring about the environment; making our fabrics of high importance. This customer values versatility in their wardrobe. Our pieces are designed to effortlessly transition from casual to formal settings, adhering to our philosophy of “Wear Whatever’s Comfortable.” Whether it’s a relaxed weekend or a sophisticated event, XIVI offers attire that embodies comfort without compromising on style.

Is there a separation between your personal style and the fashion projects you build?

My brand, XIVI, is deeply intertwined with my personal style. As a young woman running a menswear brand, there’s a unique dynamic at play. I design for men but draw heavily from what I would wear myself. Every piece I create resonates with my own aesthetic sensibilities.

While there may seem to be a separation between my personal style and the brand I am building, it’s more of a fluid relationship. I like the menswear style and have always leaned into that style. I see myself as the embodiment of my brand’s ethos. My personal wardrobe is often a canvas for styling menswear pieces, showcasing how they integrate seamlessly into my daily life.

Recently, XIVI has expanded into women’s clothing, bridging the gap between my personal style and what the brand has to offer. This expansion has filled the gaps in my wardrobe. Now, whether I’m styling menswear or women’s pieces, it all feels like an extension of my own expression and art.

XIVI is not just a brand I’ve built, but a reflection of who I am and what I love. The evolution into womenswear simply deepens that connection, blurring the lines between the genders while providing more size options that fit different body types. I personally wear XIVI everyday and I don’t want to wear anything else

You are known as an advocate for sustainability and practicality, could you explain how XIVI represent those traits?

It was always my mission to create eco-friendly garments when starting XIVI.

I originally fell in love with Bamboo until I researched the material and found that it wasn’t as sustainable as it was marketed to be… That was when I came across Eucalyptus. I found that Eucalyptus is the most sustainable fabric on the market because it saves 95% more water than cotton fabrics (not to mention it is also odor resistant, naturally antibacterial, and has the texture of silk!).

What people should know about eco-friendly fashion?

As a brand, transparency is key to us. We’re passionate about sharing how we make things, what products we use, and where it’s all made. At XIVI, we focus on locally made products from start to finish. While running productions locally may be more expensive, it’s our way of supporting local workers and ensuring better working conditions. Additionally, producing smaller batches helps us minimize waste and contribute to eco-friendly fashion.

From water pollution to deforestation and excessive waste, eco-friendly fashion aims to minimize these impacts by using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and adopting cleaner production methods. We believe it’s crucial to consider the people behind the garments too. That’s why we are committed to ethical labor practices, ensuring that workers are treated and paid fairly in safe working conditions.

Eco-friendly fashion is about more than just the materials; it’s about making conscious choices throughout the entire production process to create clothing that is both stylish and sustainable.

What does your creative process look like? From the concept to selecting materials and finally finishing a collection, what is the hardest step?

The design process is seasonal but takes a lot of inspiration as well as trial and error to create any new season. It is really important to know who you are designing for and try to relate to that customer. I spend a lot of time on social media researching that customer, looking at their style and lifestyle. There is usually a point in my research where I just spark inspiration for the whole collection. From that point, I typically spend a few weeks digitally sketching. I usually end up re-designing a collection 3-4 times a season. That could look like style changes, color changes, print changes or all of the above.

We work with several different fabric vendors who help us custom create our own materials allowing us to be more sustainable than other brands and keeping our products truly special!

All of the prints XIVI has introduced I have digitally drawn up myself. I use Adobe programs to create different prints, make it repeat itself in the print, and test it by placing the prints and colorways in the sketches. Once I make a decision, it gets sent out for print tests on our custom fabric.

From that point the fabric is in production and I start to work with my development team to bring my sketches to life. We provide inspiration, talk about the fits we want and pass over technical packets that outline every single detail down to each stitch. The development team will then draft the patterns, create samples and hold fittings. At the fittings it is the time to make any adjustments and changes before production. That process can repeat several times and take months to finalize a perfect fit.

At that point we can approve everything to production and sit back while the collection fully comes to life! AlmostWhile we wait I focus on planning the season’s main photoshoot. As soon as production is ready we have a big photoshoot event and focus on getting it ready to announce to the public!

You prove that comfort is not an enemy of style. Why do you think so many people have this misconception?

XIVI’s motto is: ‘Wear Whatever’s Comfortable’.

I believe many people have a negative perception that ‘comfort zones’ hold you back. However, when it comes to fashion, it’s crucial to understand that you can feel comfortable and look good at the same time. Dressing comfortably can positively impact your mental health, make you feel less constricted, and let’s be honest, no one likes to be uncomfortable.

The inspiration behind ‘Wear Whatever’s Comfortable’ came from my dad. Growing up, he prioritized comfort. If it was cold and we were out on a fun adventure, he would always make sure he had a jacket, or if we were going to the beach, he’d have a set of dry clothes ready. He didn’t think twice about the cost of comfort, even if it meant buying something new on the spot.

As I grew into a designer, I fell in love with the super soft and cozy fabrics that nicer brands carry. Once I started dressing in comfortable materials, I found it impossible to go back.

In addition to being cozy and sustainable, XIVI is more than just basic comfort. We take everyday styles for various occasions, whether dressy or casual, and incorporate our silky soft Eucalyptus

fabrics. Imagine feeling like you’re wearing pajamas or sweats but looking like you’re in a cool outfit: coat, button-up, and nice pants.

We love your clothing pieces that are designed to carry sunglasses, they are very unique. What does innovation mean in terms of fashion?

Innovation is crucial in fashion, especially in a rapidly changing world where technology continually reshapes our surroundings. Standing out requires more than just following trends; it’s about offering something unique that sets you apart from other brands.

At XIVI, we believe that innovation is key to our success. Our ‘Shades Loop’ is a perfect example. It’s a feature designed to carry sunglasses, offering a convenient and stylish way to keep your shades safe and easily accessible. This innovation not only enhances the functionality of our clothing but also showcases our commitment to providing exclusive and distinctive products that you can only find at XIVI.

How do you find inspiration during a creative block?

The creative process is a continuous journey for me. I make it a point to regularly observe what’s happening around me – whether online, at other brands, or on social media. To try staying creative, my assistant and I are always sending each other anything that catches our attention, keeping it in our DM for future research, making it easier to start the next design season.

However, as a creative, blocks are a part of the process. I can’t really control it sometimes but the best thing to do is step back, listen to music, go out in nature, travel, people watch and try to find inspiration that will reignite a creative spark!

Is there any fashion role model or a public personality who would be perfect to embody XVIV?

XIVI’s ideal embodiment could be found in public figures who share its commitment to sustainability and style. Leonardo DiCaprio represents environmental dedication, Orlando Bloom embodies timeless yet edgy style and activism, Zendaya resonates with her fashion icon status and eco-friendly choices, while Avril Lavigne’s edgy appeal and global recognition broaden the brand’s reach. Billie Eilish’s bold fashion and vocal support for sustainability align closely with XIVI’s values, particularly appealing to younger demographics. Each brings a unique perspective, embodying XIVI’s mission of combining style with environmental responsibility.

How much has XIVI changed from the moment you envisioned the brand on paper compared to what it is today?

XIVI has undergone significant transformation since its creation and the launch of our first collection.

The brand originated as an idea during the early days of quarantine, and within six months, it became a reality. Our initial collection was born out of the need for comfortable yet stylish attire suitable for remote work and virtual meetings. This collection stayed true to our core values of sustainability, emphasizing the importance of comfort with our motto: ‘Wear Whatever’s Comfortable’.

Today, XIVI has evolved beyond its origins of staying home. While comfort remains central to our ethos, our focus has shifted to encompass a broader lifestyle. Whether you’re at home or on the go, XIVI offers comfort and style that allows you to look cool and feel comfortable in any setting.

Since our creation, we’ve expanded our range of styles, opened our first storefront, and achieved significant milestones such as being featured in Vogue. Most recently, we’ve launched our women’s collections, which complement our menswear, further expanding XIVI’s range.

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