Tyrod Taylor: Inspiring. Motivating. Rising.

I started playing basketball for the local YMCA at the age of five and transitioned into football right after my basketball season,” shared quarterback for the Houston Texans, Tyrod Taylor. Throughout his childhood, he played baseball, ran track and “ ‘participated’ briefly in karate,” he shared laughingly. Being an only child with many cousins, Tyrod looked forward to game day and as he explained, “I knew that I would be around family and friends from the neighborhood having fun and playing the sports that I loved!” It was clear that sports would play an important role in his life…

After years of competing “in high school and at the collegiate level, I started to realize my dreams were very much in reach, which motivated me even more,” Tyrod shared. And indeed they were. In 2011, Tyrod was drafted in the 6th round to the Baltimore Ravens which was truly a dream come true. As he put it beautifully, “not so much because I was drafted but to see God bring my hard work and dedication into fruition.” The dedicated athlete was part of the big leagues and had finally turned his passion into a profession.

With the love and support of his parents and family, Tyrod has always felt open, comfortable, and surrounded through it all. “We all go through these emotions of life together because of the love and support we have for one another,” he shared with an open heart. Carrying all of this with him in his everyday life and onto the field, the talented athlete is one with the sport. “When I’m on the field, I let my instincts take over.”

Before setting foot on the field, Tyrod is preparing himself throughout the week and through off-season of training. “ I go on the field with the mindset of playing free, leading the guys, and focusing on one play at a time,” he explained. Adding on candidly, “one thing about football is, throughout a single game and even a season of games…you will experience highs and lows.” It is by focusing on one thing at a time that you have the best chance to play at a high level week to week. A little something we can all apply in our own professions and day to day lives!

Just like many of us, Tyrod has experienced both good and bad days. “I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason,” opened up the quarterback. “And the sooner I realized it the better off I was when it came to changing my perspective when something didn’t go as planned.” Whether it be an injury that happened at an inconvenient time or something more personal, he takes these experiences as they are and channels them towards positivity because at the end of the day, “I’ve been blessed to play a game that I love,” Tyrod exclaimed.

With football, he has traveled to places he may have never thought of travelling to before and having the opportunity to compete and have fun has also encouraged him through the low points in his life. “Ultimately, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the life lessons sports has taught me.” Forever thankful and grateful for the good and bad times, everything that has happened (even when it wasn’t planned) has been “necessary for (him) to have the right perspective and to move in peace.”

Throughout his journey, fashion has also always played an important role. You see, in sports, Tyrod lets his plays speak for themselves and it may take some time for him to fully open up to people but through fashion, his words roar! “I’ve always found that through fashion I can express myself and hold a presence,” he shared. With fashion comes beauty and for this stylish quarterback, beauty comes in different forms. When it comes down to it, “I think having pure intentions, confidence, being humble, and expressing love is also a form of beauty and can mean a lot more than just physicalities,” Tyrod added. Agreed.

Attached to sports since he was a young boy, Tyrod Taylor continues to climb up the ladder of life as he is in constant search of being better both in his personal and professional lives. “Nothing has been handed to me, everything I’ve received I had to work hard for and this sort of rhetoric speaks to the hashtag I often post on my platforms; #Keep5triving” he spoke with a strong heart. His true purpose may lie outside of sports or perhaps he is already living out his true purpose through football but nonetheless, “attacking each day with an open mind and goal to be better helps push me and those around me.”

Inspiring those around him with his athletic skills, open heart and mind, and expressions through fashion, Tyrod Taylor brings a new light into the world. Many will celebrate the high moments in life but for him, “the real celebrations are in the lessons we’ve learned through low moments. Those are the moments that make you.”  I would like to end this story with his very last quote and as you read it, take a breath and a moment to think of your own life, who you are, and where you want to be! Keep on going Tyrod, you got it!

“Many may fall short, few may get to the top but what you learn along your journey speaks volumes to who you are and who you become. Being an inspiration to others goes a long way when you handle the circumstances that come your way with dignity, perseverance, and faith.”



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