Temptress Tiny


Tell us about yourself , your background and how did you became Temptress Tiny?

I’m a 28 year old Puerto Rican queer woman born in Miami and raised in New York. I have been focused on my craft as a dominatrix since 18 years old. Growing up in the city I have always had a very aggressive personality, making me the leader in many situations. When I turned 18 I began working as a cam girl on My- FreeCams where I took on a dominant role working with pay pigs, slaves and different types of submissive people. I was under mentorship in a privately owned dungeon for about a year, all while constantly self educating on kink and BDSM. Originally my subs would refer to me as Mistress N. About 7 years ago I created the alias Tiny which transformed into Temptress Tiny as I came in tune with who I am as a profession- al lifestyle Dominatrix.

Tell us your role as Temptress Tiny?

My role as Temptress Tiny includes many responsibilities. Being attentive to my clients and submissive mental health, physical health along with their needs and desires. This role calls for me to be both patient and nurturing yet vigilant and assertive. I have to take charge, bringing importance to having negotiations to discuss their fantasies and come to a clear, consensual understanding of what they want to receive from their sessions with me. I have lifestyle subs who invested in power exchange dynamics with me, and then I have clients who pay for one on one sessions. My role also includes managing a kink collective under the name Haus Of Temptation. I mentor the members as well as curate events and offer our services to other projects within the community.

What does Domination means to you?

To me domination means the privilege to exercise control and command with given enthusiastic consent. It means to create rituals, structures and discipline. To me domination is to be sadistic, calm and sen- sual while being granted with subservient be- havior. It means I must be authoritative and regulate a safe space for those under me to relinquish the need to be in charge and allow me to conduct the scene.

Whats the difference between a temptress and a mistress?

The difference between a Temptress and a Mistress to me is the way scenes and sessions are approached. The energy that I give off in order to tempt my clients rather than de- mand. My submissives have shared with me that I take them on a journey. My sessions feel magical and ritualistic. I have a very alluring, sexy but intimidating persona

and I like to focus on mentally dominat- ing my bottoms before physically doing so.


When you tell people about Temptress Tiny what is their reaction

Most people are not surprised when they hear about my role as Temptress Tiny. Many have told me it was destined to happen as I’ve always been the one in charge while having a very nurturing energy. Those who are not aware of BDSM/kink may ask certain curious questions such as why we do it and how it’s done. Then there are the few people who do not have proper understanding, who try to shame me or those who serve me.

Do you believe BDSM is still considered stigma among the general crowd? Can it crossover mainstream?

I believe in our more recent years BDSM has become more accepted, but not always in ways that benefit the actual kink community. Famous artists and brands have showcased more BDSM centered work such as fashion, art and even within music now, but there is still a lot of shame towards those who actually play and embrace various kinks and fetishes. Being a dominatrix is also linked in with me being a sex worker, which as we know, holds major stigma. This has made it difficult for many of us to hold a consistent platform to promote our services or lifestyle via social media since there are issues sur- rounding the accounts of SW’ers constantly being removed.

Tell us about an experience which blew your mind.

Over the last 10 years I have taken part in a ton of mind-blowing scenes. I’ve encountered many submissives who can take extreme pain through bondage and impact, but I’d have to say trampling one of my current submissives has been one of the top. They are able to withstand an im- mense amount of impact through stomp- ing, kicking, punching and I’ve been in awe with the amount of bliss they express while experiencing such cruel, agonizing pain.

What would you say is the most sex dominant piece you own?

I own a wide variation of different bdsm toys. Different pieces for different ways of dominating my subs and clients. I’d have to say one of the most sex dominating pieces I own are chastity belts and cages. Controlling when they touch themselves orenjoy any sexual activity is definitely something I very much find pleasure in.

Do you have a favorite practice you like to do when working with first timers?

A lot of my first time clients are generally more intrigued by my shibari (rope play),wax play and fire play. Sensory play is a good choice to introduce kink with the intention of helping the client feel at ease and safe to re- lease control. Shibari can be approached in a platonic sensual way or it can be sadistic, sexual and intense, so this gives each client the option to choose what type of headspace they’d like to be in throughout our session.

What advice would you give for people trying BDSM for the first time? And for experienced individuals?

Something that everyone who’s new to BDSM should understand is that explic- it, consensual consent is the forefront of all kink based power exchange dynamics. Advice would be to always ASK before as- suming. Just because someone expresses they like pain, doesn’t mean they want to be hit randomly. Finding out what, when and how they like pain is very important. Same goes for attending a play party, always ask for consent to touch anyone! For those who are experienced, my advice is to be more accepting of those who’s kinks are differ- ent from yours and to have more diversity within our community spaces including LGBTQ+ folks and people of color.

I decided to pursue a career as a dominatrix because I realized how in demand my ser- vices became the more I educated myself and perfected my craft. Witnessing my clients fall into such a vulnerable space with me was so liberating and profound. I had found one of my purposes in this life. I wanted to continue to experience this in a way that benefited me both mentally and financially.

Mentorship and on-going education is vital in order to become a well versed professional. Getting to know other sea- soned Mistresses and Masters along with attending kink munches and play parties. Become familiar with the com- munity and be honest about your level of education when coming in contact with other kinksters.

Visiting a dungeon can be exciting yet nerve-wrecking for most. Verbal negotiations are always had prior to any physical inter- actions in order to orchestrate safe and smooth scenes. There are many toys and activities to choose from, so generally we would decide on a few to incorporate into our session and discuss what type of feel- ing they are seeking to experience with me. Most people are wanting a cathartic release so I focus on creating a therapeutic space, where we can both explore our fantasies