Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Styling by Milli Hair + Makeup by Brenda Ferrell @B-Ready Beauty Writing by Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites

Serayah continues to make a name for her- self both in the acting and singing world. An absolutely badass woman, she inspires us all to keep being our true and authentic selves all the while being open to the other beautiful people in the world! Having just released her single “P.O.V” and starring as the lead on “Kingdom Business,” there is no stopping her now. With so much to see and discover, it’s important to do what feels right and to never give up…Thank you, Serayah!

How do you find your power in acting and singing?

The power I find in what I do is being able to create a product that moves people and affects them personally. I love that aspect of my job.

In what ways does domination (i.e. pow- er, control etc.) take effect in your life?

Power has to be used effectively or else it can ruin a whole empire. I definitely have grown into knowing how and when to use my power over my image and voicing exact- ly what I want at all times.

Describe to us a moment you faced ad- versity and how you overcame it.

One moment that sticks out to me from my career is all of the no’s I got along the way to reaching my success. It was really crushing my spirits at one point. BUT I was reminded you only need 1 yes!

If you could be any hero, who would you pick and why?

I would be Captain America because he overcame so much adversity and he did good work with the powers he was given.

Who is Serayah in 2022?

Serayah is unapologetically herself and au- thentically taking the world by storm to fur- ther the mission of love and compassion for others.