Poppy: Feeling Her Way Through Fashion and Music
By Alexandra Bonnet

The crowd is roaring. You look out and see all these young faces singing along to your music, warmth fills your heart as you realize something big is happening. You are no longer the concert goer: you are the concert. For renown singer, POPPY, this is the part of her job that she loves the most. As she said, “everything else music wise, to me, is not as important –meetings, going to the studio–but playing shows is my favorite.” Yes, the current state of our world might play in part in why these feelings are particularly strong but for the talented artist, performing for her audience is the cherry on top.

Performing has always been a part of Poppy. Growing up, she was always dancing and part of dance recitals. “I would look forward to them all year long and those were the biggest moments of my year but now with what I do, I have a lot of big moments,” she shared, looking back on a childhood moment that had a strong impact on her. From an audience filled with parents to an audience full of screaming fans, Poppy has grown into who she is meant to be. Talk about being born into your legacy.

Of course, Poppy’s success came with strong dedication and hard work.  Having been making music for the last nine years or so, the singer is currently working on her fourth album. “I survived a couple of record deals. Things are looking up, I think. I have integrated more musical stylings into my work and am not really exclusive to any,” she explained. Aiming to give her audience a more diversified playlist, many can expect a variety of musical stylings to come! It goes without saying that, like many, the artist has faced some obstacles along the way.

“No matter who you are or where you are from, you will face some kind of obstacle,” stated Poppy. She continued on this topic in relevance to the entertainment industry and spoke from her heart as she shared, “I think that a lot of the entertainment industry and music business are about surviving it and overcoming them the best way that you possibly can and doing it all for the art, bottom line.” After all, it is easy to fall into the glam of it all when working in such an industry but for the artists who remember why they started doing this in the first place, their heart is in the music and that’s that. Having encountered a handful of obstacles in her life, Poppy doesn’t worry when a new one emerges, “i just always know that I will get through it or jump over it, so there are few things that intimidate me nowadays.”

A gentle reminder that no matter what hassle comes up in your life, you will move past it! It’s important to find the things/people that bring you comfort when in need of some light. For Poppy, music has always proven to be an important healing element. “When I was younger and first getting into music, it was an escape for me and nowadays, that still rings true,” she opened up. “I had a place I would just disappear to and listen to my favorite albums and forget everything else that was going on in my life and I hope that my music can do that for somebody else.” With every song/album release, the singer spreads a little more love and light in her own way.

During her concerts, as she looks out into the crowd and sees her  audience getting seriously into her music, Poppy is overwhelmed with love and joy, “it’s really cool to see what I do impact them. It gives me chills,” she shared. When releasing new music, the artist said with a shy laugh, “I hope people explore the art that I make at different depths whether it be surface level to some or completely in depth to others,  hopefully it makes them feel something.” It’s safe to say we can all use a good song to connect to no matter how we are feeling and Poppy delivers!

Her music and style are inspired by many renown artists such as David Bowie, Madonna, Blondie, and more. “They have very unique voices and perspectives on life and they are great artists,” she explained. “They have just an interesting take on the world and that’s what keeps me going back to their music, what drew me to them.”  As she integrates their musical style into her own, Poppy has created her own unique voice and knows that they will always be there. Her personal take on life and art is also illustrated through her fashion.

Since a young age, fashion has always been a part of who she is and how she feels. “Even before I was doing music, fashion was a part of me,” shared poppy. “When I was younger, I didn’t have any money at all to afford anything so I would go thrifting and cut up the clothes, sow them myself and customize them because I wanted them all to be statement pieces.” Getting creative on the outer side to represent what was on the inside, the fashionista has always tapped into her creative side to relate to what was going on in her day to day life. When getting ready to leave the house, “sometimes it’s a little more casual but casual for me is still with the volume turned up than most other people,” she said laughingly.

As she put it, every day is a new day so why not make a different statement all the time? Dressing based on her mood, for Poppy, “ I always think it’s important to wear how you feel on the inside, on the outside.” Never leaving the house without her lipstick, mascara, blush, and gel on her eyebrows and baby hairs, the beautiful artist is ready to take on anything. Makeup and skincare have an important place in her heart and are part of a bigger long term goal she has in mind. She went further and spoke on her lengthy skincare routine, “mornings and nights, I use a lot of products. It’s funny because when you go into my hotel room, or bathroom, you see how many products I have. My friends joke that it looks like a cosmetic store. I have it down.”

Poppy brings her feelings to light through music and fashion as she rocks her way to the top. Having found her place in the entertainment industry, she works hard every day to continue on the uphill climb as she creates more music and works on her beauty/fashion goals. Included in her upcoming projects is a graphic novel she has created. Without giving it away completely, she explained, “it’s called POPPY’S INFERNO and it has a similar tone to the album “I Disagree.” It’s about burning things down and starting over and being unafraid to do so.” If this resonates with you, take a moment to channel your inner fire and gather the strength to overcome whatever is blocking your way…. Stay tuned for Poppy’s up and coming projects!


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