Rhythms of Resilience: Navigating Life and Music

Interview by Robby Wong

What caused you to get into making music? I first decided to make music because of the love I had for it, but it was my entourage that convinced me to pursue it after telling me that I had potential after listening to my first track. So I believed in it and I went for it.

Your latest release, a collaboration with Luciano on the track, ‘Blue Porsche’, dropped recently. What was the process of making that song with him? With Luciano, the feature was done remotely. He sent me the track that I liked very much along with the chorus and the production and all that made me rethink a little about what I could do the old fashioned way and so I worked on it. It came up as a very successful track which made me really happy. 

Having released six albums so far, what are some things you have learned about what it takes to make a project from start to finish along the way? What I learned is that the hardest thing is not to break through but to stay on top, to lead a complete project from start to finish you need a lot of patience, good morale, and knowledge. I learned to listen to myself and also listen to those around you at times but not all the time (ahaha). Sometimes there is an artistic side that only the artist can understand.

Your music portrays uncensored and real stories of what it is like to grow up in the streets of France. Given that the country is often romanticized, why do you think it’s important to share these stories with people through music? Music is a way to express myself since I have always had a lot of difficulty communicating through social media. Music helps me to say what I’m going through and above all to explain my vision of the world and the things around me.

You’ve had a unique experience growing up struggling then becoming a successful artist. What are some lessons about life that you’ve learned along the way? I learned that patience is the best virtue, everything comes in time to those who know how to wait. Success made me understand a lot about the meaning of life, about the surroundings, and about family, and it has calmed me down a lot. Another lesson I have learned is to stay focused on the essentials.

You’re usually dressed in some crazy outfits on your Instagram. How would you describe your style? My style really varies with my current mood, my state of mind, with the context in which I find myself in. 

What do you hope to see out of the French rap scene in the future? In the future I hope the French rap scene will reach even more people throughout the world to further break down the barriers we still have. I hope to influence the music industry for a long time.

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