American fashion model Nikki Gal has been making her mark in the fashion industry since just 15 years old— but she wished to pursue more in addition to her professional modeling career. From coming from a small town to being featured in fashion editorials and magazines across France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, as well as Sweden, Nikki has taken full control of her career. Featured in brands such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vigour, and Cosmopolitan, Nikki recalls her dream of becoming a fashion model. “I remember going in the grocery store with my mom and seeing all the magazines, it really inspired me to start modeling.”

In addition to her modeling career, Nikki has founded and launched 5 companies in under 2 years, as well as operates a nonprofit organization advocating for mental health. Being present in the modeling industry, she has conducted over 160 interviews with women, including women in the fashion industry. “I wish to spread mental health advocacy specifically in the modeling industry, it’s so fast-paced and often times many struggle and feel alone.” Individuals involved in the fashion industry such as models, designers, and artists have been known for developing mental health disorders for decades, including present day. Balancing her modeling career and her entrepreneur life, she wishes to break the silence on taboo conversations and topics pertaining to mental health within the fashion industry.

Nikki Gal @nikkicgal Photography by Shots By G.