Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair + Makeup by Brenda Ferrell @b_readybeauty  Writing by Perana Srikantappa @prerana_srikantappa

Known as the “bossbae” of hip hop, Narissa, a Los Angeles based rapper had the world on the edge of the seat with her latest tracks ‘Ough’ and ‘Thick N Heavy’. Inspired by her songwriter uncle, she knew her one goal in life was to become an artist. After making her mark in the music industry, she wanted to be her own boss and launched Lash Trap, a lash bar located in Los Angeles, California.

Where do you get your confidence from ?

My mom is a very confident woman and raised me to be confident.

Who would you most like to collaborate with for a song?

I would need a drake collaboration pronto.

Tell us about your album Bossbae, what would you say is the most boss thing about you ?

My album is a short soundtrack to the life I’ve built for myself. The most boss thing about me is I’m always working to boss up. Constant elevation is my favorite sport.

If music wasn’t in your life, what do you see yourself doing ?

If music wasn’t in my life, I’d be focused on my businesses full time and venture out more, which I plan on doing anyway but if there was no music, I could fully dwell into it.

Along with being an artist, you’re an entrepreneur. What inspired you to start Lash Trap ?

I started the lash trap to work for myself and make music freely. I wanted to travel, live, and spend my time on my terms. Lashing was still new and I thought it was the perfect thing for me to do while chasing my dreams.

Can you live your life in pink ?

Pink is my favorite color. In the last 10 years pink has been everywhere in my life. I would absolutely live in all pink except my steak and my burger! That needs to be black.