Lovie Simone embraces life to its fullest and all the opportunities that come with it. Having understood that there are times when you should not compromise, the talented actress never let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams. Wiht the love and support from her mother, it was clear that acting would become an important part of her life. Lovie Simone looks within and without as she gracefully makes her way through life and to the top.

By Alexandra Bonnet

As an actress, what are some reasons that could have kept you from pursuing this career? Were there any obstacles that would have pushed you onto a different career path?

I think not booking roles could have pushed me into a different career path. Sometimes doubtful thoughts can lead one to comprise. I learned not to compromise.

Was there a sign/person/event that pushed you towards this career? 

My mom’s unwavering support pushed me toward my acting career.

In what ways do you believe Sony’s reboot of THE CRAFT, is unique?

I believe this Craft puts a microscopic lens on what it means to be a young women coming into her power in witchcraft during today’s time.

What was your favorite scene to shoot? 

It’s hard to decide because every scene had its own magical moment.

On set (your home) of SOCIAL DISTANCE, what was it that drew you the most to your character?

What drew me to my character was Ayana’s ability to stand firm in her beliefs while still being thoughtful to others.

What lessons did you learn from that experience? 

I learned that there are many ways to protest.

In what ways do you believe people can help promote positive change and acceptance? 

To try to see themselves in others.

Tell us more about your family. What is a family tradition of yours? 

I have a very tight knit family. We love being around each other. A family tradition we have is that everyone’s birthday is treated like New Years. We stay up until Midnight and then we all hug, scream Happy Birthday and eventually go to bed.

What is your favorite  accomplishment on your resume and why?

I have no favorites. I love all my roles and have learned something from each of them.

What can fans expect next?

I am currently working on POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN and I can’t wait for fans to see it next year.

Photographer IRVIN RIVERA @graphicsmetropolis @exclusiveartists
Styling ROBIAT BALOGUN @ririrabbit
Makeup JULIA JOVONE @juliajovone
Interview by ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites