Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil: Our Favorite Love Team

We all dream of finding our other half. Our soulmate. Our person. Even though it may seem impossible at times, if you have a little faith…a lot can happen. To celebrate love this month, VULKAN is happy to present to you a truly inspirational cover which features Philippines’ favorite love team, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. Making it as a unified team on and off screen, this couple knows what it means to find true love all the while continuing to grow as individuals. Having recently celebrated their sixth anniversary, the couple shared with us an inside look into what makes them successful together and as their own person.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “love team,” (don’t worry, I wasn’t either),  it is two people who are together on and off screen. This is especially big in the Philippines, and for our young couple, they have been a love team for many years and are still going stronger than ever. When you work and spend every day with the same person, it is only natural that you learn everything about each other. You lean on each other all the while holding each other up.  Liza and Enrique have become better actors because of this and it all started when they shared the same handler. “She was so shy she couldn’t even look at me straight in my eyes,” shared Enrique. “She was so cute.” And from that encounter in the dressing room, a beautiful love film had found its opening scene.

But before we get into that, let’s travel back in time. For both of them, becoming an actor had never been a “lifelong” dream.  As Liza shared openly, “I was the shyest person before. I couldn’t even have a normal conversation with someone without breaking down because I was so shy or nervous.” It was at the age of 12 that she got into the industry and realized she had to get over her shyness…as this was a job after all! For Enrique, it was the same thing. Way too shy to even think about pursuing a career in acting, it was his parents who noticed the potential he had. “My parents realized that I could do something in that area, because when I was young, after watching movies, I would recite the lines in the car,” he expressed. A natural…

The young actors had started their careers with Television series so when they started booking movies, it was a big deal. You see, in the Philippines, being able to purchase a ticket and go watch a movie is a luxury unlike here in the US where many can afford it. So, when you start to book roles in films, this means that you have truly stepped up your game. When Liza booked her role on JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, it was an important moment in her career because “it means you have the capability of selling a movie, of having people pay to watch you,” she explained.

Over the years, both actors overcame their shyness as they focused their energy into being the best they could be. Using every day and every project as a new experience that propels them forward, the motivated couple has crossed barriers and overcome much. For Liza, each role has brought her a different identity during the eight to nine months period of filming. As she put it excitedly, “and when we are done filming, it’s like I can’t get out of the character or separate from it for a good month.” Enrique nodded in agreement with a beaming smile as if the proudest boyfriend out there. The love and support between these two is unreal and when working on set together, it shows.

Both talking at the same time, eager to share with the world how well they know each other, Liza and Enrique explained how they can now help bounce off each other when doing a scene. The Philippines is big on drama series and so when they find themselves doing many sequences a day that may involve having to cry over and over again. “Of course after the 6th or 7th scene it is hard to feel that same emotion so, for some reason, we are able to just look at each other and start crying,” shared Liza. “Now we just say one thing, whisper one thing and it gets us crying like let’s go, let’s go. We matured more. We can feel each other,” continued Enrique. Now that is what we call true connection!

It was on the set of their film, ALONE TOGETHER, that they were really able to break down walls and step into a whole new level of acting. Having been #1 on Netflix even years after its release, this was “our first real mature movie. It was a more serious movie,” shared Enrique. This film pushed them out of their comfort zone and a success it was! Nervous that their audience wouldn’t be as receptive given the switch from romantic comedies to drama but it was clear that  “they loved the authenticity of it and how the characters were flawed but real.” Sounds like real life…And I think we can all relate in some way!

When asked what kind of movie or series they would love to create and play in, there was no hesitation: ZOMBIES! The excitement in their eyes was hard to miss and if I am being honest…mine too! Who doesn’t love a good zombie scenario? “We have a weird obsession and fascination with zombies,” they added. Hoping to play roles that are badass, the best way to explain it is that “they are not the perfect human beings but if you can understand the characters, you will fall in love with them.” I am already hooked!

Multiple projects, years of ongoing love…but, what is their secret?! Well… It just…happens. As Liza and Enrique looked at each other trying to find the right answer, it was clear that they had never even thought of their relationship as work. “I guess we just have so much respect for each other,” expressed Liza. They respect each others’ hobbies and activities and share many of them but they never feel the need to take time away from each other. “He likes being with me. He likes being with his family. I am the same way,” opened up Liza. “I don’t like being alone and I really enjoy his company.” On top of that, they are both major adrenaline junkies, “OH YEAH,” intervened Enrique. At the end of the day, they both agreed, “we keep each other sane by entertaining ourselves first and then also enjoying it together.” And if arguments ever arise, they find a way to compromise and listen to each other. “He is the perfect person that when we have a fight he won’t let me go away or go to bed without fixing it,” said Liza with a warm heart. A little something we could all learn from.

Keeping their romantic outings spontaneous and free, there is never a dull moment between these two. One of the most romantic gestures Enrique has ever done for Liza was surprising her with extra tickets to the US for her family to join them. Having left America at the age of ten, it was only seven years later that she was able to see them again, and it was all thanks to Enrique. *Cue crowd cheering.* Now that they have just celebrated their sixth year anniversary, it is clear that these two are meant for each other. “It’s just crazy we have made it this far. Well it’s not crazy that we have made it this far. We are going really strong,” they shared with two bright smiles.

Ok, ok. I know many of you reading this are eager to know more about their postponed tour that was supposed to take place in the US and in Canada. Due to the world’s current situation, the tour had to be postponed indefinitely but don’t worry as the two starlets still have things they are working on! In the meantime, Liza and Enrique continue to focus on their careers, aiming to push themselves more and more every day. Seeing Hollywood on the horizon, it is no secret that this love team wants to explore the American side of film and television which, as they put it, “is a game-changer.”

As Lao Tzu once said, “being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage…” And I don’t think there is a better fitting quote to describe Liza and Enrique’s relationship. Taking on the world, together, they remind us that love is meant to be pure, simple, and empowering. When you find that right person, make sure to hold on tight and never let them go!

Photography Lester Villarama @shotbylester
Talents Liza Soberano @lizasoberano & Enrique Gil @enriquegil17
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