Jonathan Daviss: Soaring High

Film and television are a reflection of different realities…with a little extra drama. The actors fully immerse themselves into different characters and sometimes, they play the role of someone who they relate to a lot, making it even more personal. For actor Jonathan Daviss, his role on the infamous Netflix series, OUTER BANKS, did just this. “I remember how well I related to character,” he shared. “I was like “this is basically me when I was in high school.”” It was 2019, the audition coming up, which he prepared for with his acting coach, Kelly Hare. Shortly after the chemistry read in Los Angeles, Jonathan got the call… he booked the role! With stars in his eyes, he added, “it was one of the happiest days of my life and I ended up flying out to Charleston later that week.”

His character, Pope, “is all about finding his confidence and working through how he deals with others.” In order to connect further with this this character, Jonathan found himself reflecting back on the insecurities he had as a teenager. “The fear of failure, the split between expectations from others and what I actually wanted, and most importantly finding my self-confidence helped me to connect with Pope,” he explained beautifully. After all, this is a little something we can all relate to! The growing pains are real but they make us who we are, something we look back on as we continue to grow into the individuals we are meant to be.

While growing up and trying to find who we are, we are also expected to pick a career path, figure out what our “big kid” move will be. For Jonathan, his path was lit up like an airport runway. Drawn to movies from a young age, “it was my escape,” he shared candidly. “I remember watching all the behind the scenes features on all the DVD’s I watched when I was a kid.” Coming from a big family, going to the movies was also a treat for the Daviss children. The actor also had the unconditional love and support of his two parents who “always encouraged me and my siblings.” They believed “we could do ANYTHING we wanted and make sacrifices so that we could,” he exclaimed. Making him very appreciative of relationships in his life!

Coming from a truly happy and loving family, there is no surprise as to where Jonathan gets his warmth and kindness. Growing up as the only boy in the house with three sisters, he admits he is

“the logical one, the defense attorney. Normally, I play devil’s advocate and argue both sides.” A household filled with laughter and true family values, their surprise trip to Disneyland remains one of his fondest memories. “We were never able to afford to go because we were a big family in Texas,” he opened up. “My mom surprised us with Tickets during a break while we were filming Season 1 and since we were in Charleston we drove down to Florida together as a family.  Everything about that trip was special.” Goosebumps!

Channeling all of his love into his bonds with others and work, Jonathan also recently worked on a film, STRANGERS. A shift in pace from television series to film, his experience was “a lot less run and gun.” There is more time spent setting up shots with sliders and cranes which was new to the actor. “The character I am playing is a rich kid and party animal. A far cry from some of the things I’ve done in the past,” he chuckled. Jen, their director, gave him a lot of freedom to play around with the character and try things on set which he is very thankful for. A teen comedy that will stand out from others, he emphasized, “Jen and the amazing cast worked to create a world that is very stylish and is all its own.”

The young actor wishes to have a lengthy career acting where he tackles a variety of genres. And in order to do that, “you have to train” and overcome the obstacle of finding a good work life balance. May seem impossible at times but is 100% achievable! You just have to give it a little push sometimes… He has also learned the importance of “listening and following through,” a lesson that will follow us our whole lives! After all, what are we if we don’t truly hear out others and act on what we say?

Now, on the flip side of things, Jonathan has also partnered with “an amazing skincare brand, Bubble.”

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-free and only using non-toxic materials, this is a brand we can get behind!

Jonathan Daviss embodies the spirit of family, passion, dedication, hard work, and love. His warm smile and enchanting charisma will feel your soul with light and a sense of calm and direction. Embraced with love and support from those around him, the actor reminds us to appreciate the moments we cherish and the ones we cherish them with. Impatiently waiting for a new project, Jonathan is soaring high!


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