Photo by Ryan Jerome,Styling by Toreno Winn, Grooming Brenda Ferrell @B Ready Beauty, Writing Alex Bonnet

Many of you may be familiar with artist Jnr Choi and for those of you who don’t… what better time than now to get to know him?! Rapper and artist, he was born in Gambia and moved to the UK where he was able to tap into his love for music. Known for his song TO THE MOON, there is a lot more coming from the talented artist and we are excited to see what he has in store for us next!

As an artist, in what ways do you have the power to influence people in a positive way?

I’d say the main source of influence is the music and the power to positively influence peoples moods. I’ve had tons of people tell me that my music has saved them, uplifted them or influenced their day. But also action. The world is full of negativity that people feed off of it but there are millions of people that filter that urge and look for the light. Me consistently doing things for the better has proven to inspire a lot of people to do and go after what they want and there’s a lot more positive influence to come.

Do you have a story of a time you used your platform for the “greater good”?

I There was a time I was due to release a song. Unfortunately a lot began to happen in Africa and their governments, & releasing this song during that time didn’t sit right with me so I promised to donate all of theprofits of a song I was releasing towards various charities to help what was going on.

What are the most dominant aspects of your character that you want to reflect through your music?

The power to do whatever you like. The world is your oyster and you are the direc- tor of your own movie.

Have you found your muse? Explain.

My muse is currently, and has always been myself to be honest. I bounce off my own energy and in regards to music It’s influenced my lifestyle. Champagne bottles and designer clothes.

Describe to us what gets your heart pumping and feet going.

Having goals to complete. I set new goals every day in lineup to the bigger goals ahead. So waking up and ticking off the smaller goals keeps me charged up.

In what ways does music dominate you? How do you dominate it?

When I’m in the studio it really takes over me. So much goes into the creative process. So much comes out of me and I tend to surprise myself once a solid product is ready to listen to. I dominate it by staying in control of my intentions. Focusing on the bigger picture once I’ve let myself go and using all the pieces to paint a masterpiece.