Walter Tabayoyong started his management company for models, actors, and talent in 2018. He has grown the company to represent many talented actors and performers in Los Angeles and across the United States. In addition to being a manager, Walter is also a talented dancer and actor himself as well as photographer. He has been published in many magazines and does numerous shoots with his own talent that he represents. Jake Jensen signed with Walter in 2018 as his manager. Jake is currently staring in the web series Pacific Breeze to be released later this year as well as a booking the Will Smith feature KING RICHARD earlier this year. Walter and Jake teamed up for this cool Fall editorial in El Mirage Dry Lake Bed featuring Fall fashions and desert scenery. @waltertabphoto @jakejensenmedia @altameromgmt

Photography + Creative Director Walter Tabayoyong @waltertabphoto

Model Jake Jensen @jacobjensenmedia @Taylor Kelsaw Management